Book My PG: Elevating Co-living Experiences through One PG at a Time

Mani Nagappan ,Founder & CEO

Mani Nagappan

Founder & CEO

Rising urbanization and shifting demographics have increased the demand for shared accommodations, emphasizing adaptable, well-equipped living spaces. Investors view co-living as a lucrative real estate segment, fostering innovative business models and collaborations. As the market evolves, customization, diverse offerings, and a seamless integration of work and leisure are pivotal in shaping co-living's future. However, this comes with numerous challenges like concerns regarding shared space privacy, compatibility among room¬mates, and the need for consistent community management.

Striking a balance between individual preferences and fostering a harmonious living environment is Book My PG, a pioneering platform transforming the co-living landscape in India. Bridging the gap for travelers and professionals seeking Paying Guest accommodations, the platform offers standardized pricing, innovative AI tools, and ambitious plans for global expansion, making it a leader in the evolving shared living space.

Book My PG embarked on its journey under the visionary leadership of Mani Nagappan, a tech-savvy entrepreneur from Chennai. The inception stemmed from recognizing the challenges travelers, employees, and students face in securing accommodations across diverse cities, significantly exacerbated during the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Witnessing a gap in the co-living market, the platform was conceived to streamline the process. Overcoming initial hurdles like frequent employee changes and technological glitches, the company strategically focused on higher-margin needs. Through adept market strategies, strong lead generation, and social media marketing, Book My PG has overcome challenges and achieved remarkable revenue growth within its first year.

Book My PG provides PG listing services for property owners through monthly subscriptions, operates a revenue-sharing model for seamless property management, facilitates corporate bulk bookings across multiple cities, and allows short and long-term bookings. Premium listings enhance visibility for individual property owners, while the platform also offers food meal subscriptions. “With a commitment to innovation, our company leverages AI tools for 24/7 customer support, ensuring a diverse and convenient experience for users seeking paying guest accommodations across various budgets and preferences”, speaks Mani Nagappan, Founder & CEO.

Book My PG is a pioneering co-living platform redefining accommodation with standardized pricing, AI support, & global expansion plans

Simplifying Co-living Solutions Globally
Book My PG stands out with a vision to cater to corporate employees, offering them high standards within budget constraints. Its proprietary AI tool, integrated with user queries, sets it apart, ensuring a seamless experience. Unlike its competitors, Book My PG adopts an individualized pricing strategy, considering location, amenities, and standards. The company's market position is fortified through vigorous lead generation, effective social media marketing, and a skilled sales team. This enables it to offer substantial support to prominent industry players, earning significant fees. As the company scales up, these strategies remain integral to its systematic business approach. As of today operating in 13 cities in India, it will be expanding its services to another 20 cities in the next two years.

Book My PG envisions an ambitious future roadmap poised for innovation and expansion. With plans to raise Seed round of $2 million in the next three months, the company aims to revamp technology, introducing new revenue models and UI enhancements. The focus extends to expanding its market footprint to the US, Canada, and Europe, aiming for 100,000 beds and 10,000 properties across 15 cities in India within the next three years.