Bootlabs: A Boutique Tech Consulting Partner, Pioneering in Cloud Native Solutions

 Ramkumar Sambasivan,   Founder & CEO

Ramkumar Sambasivan

Founder & CEO

As India continues to be one of the fastest-growing digital markets, the exigency for public cloud service providers rises due to the robust demand from large enterprises, digital natives, and small and medium- sized businesses in the country. With digital innovation leading the top business objectives for Indian organizations, cloud adoption is set to accelerate in 2022 and beyond. Keeping this growth in mind, Bootlabs was established in 2019. A Bangalore-based firm, Bootlabs is a focused boutique consulting and product-based company with prowess in DevSecOps and Cloud Technologies.

A trusted Partner of Google and AWS, Bootlabs offers a range of services which includes Cloud Consulting, 360 Degree Ops Digital Transformation with focus on Modernization, Cloud Assessment & Cloud Migration, and Platform Engineering with keen focus on DevSecOps, SRE and building Cloud Accelerators.

“We accelerate cloud adoption with cutting-edge technologies while making sure the TCO is minimal. We enable the organizational transformation to support the rapid application development and consistent releases.

For many companies, sacrificing security to provision the infrastructure as quickly as possible made the governance to come late in the story. This led to many organizations using tools and applications that weren't purpose-built for the cloud, and thus were less capable of scaling securely to meet the demands of a cloud environment.

We fasttrack the cloud adoption journey by
building accelerators and ensuring well architected DevSecOps pipelines.

With our decade long experience in Cloud Adoption Journey’s we have acquired expertise in the following arena Multicloud, Cloud Governance, Cloud-based Migration, SRE, and Auto Scalability to name some.

We are building a SaaS Platform, ‘Sailor’ which makes cloud adoption simple and customizable, via a self-service model with cloud governance and infrastructure creation built in.” shares Ramkumar Sambasivan, Founder and CEO, Bootlabs.

We, at Bootlabs are obsessed with building future ready intelligent enterprises, with our accelerators, cloud platforms, security checklists & cloud operation, which are curated according to the demand of the current scenario

Building a reliable data infrastructure is the cornerstone of IT management. The cloud is becoming increasingly important to businesses as a means of ensuring that massive amounts of data are always available and can be managed efficiently. “Multi-cloud has always been a problem to the customers as well as in different instances people with less clarity used to end up not utilizing the cloud systems appropriately. Thus, the vision to make DevOps journey seamless for everyone and make it less over whelming for end user motivated me to found Bootlabs. We, at Bootlabs are obsessed with building future-ready intelligent enterprises, with our accelerators, cloud platforms, security checklists & cloud operation, which are curated according to the demand of the current scenario,” says Ramkumar Sambasivan.

The founder started his journey as a developer and moved into DevOps, as the problem of distributed systems became too difficult to manage. The Complexity in this field kept on increasing that motivated him to make it simple for the community. The core team behind Bootlabs is Developers and DevOps Engineers they bring a wide range of technical expertise which has been the major driver of the company. Bootlabs is also nurturing its new set of leaders and engineers with various training and projects. In the short period, due to its commitment to work, ethics and reliability the company has already reached 15+clients and more than 50 workforce strength.

As the fastest growing company in the cloud management and development section, Bootlabs has achieved remarkable business momentum and generated more than Million USD revenue and intended 8-fold growth within this year. “The market is quite powerful and the issues we resolve are highly technical and extensive so it helps get an upper edge in acquiring the customer and supporting them. The company is focused towards building custom accelerators and products like Sailor which will help in the symbiotic growth of the cloud market” concludes Ramkumar Sambasivan.