BootSpider: Smart Strategies to Drive SMEs

Ramesh Kumar,FounderSeveral startups and SMEs are mushrooming in the country over the years. Undoubtedly, we would come across an enterprise for every few steps, be it house held businesses or companies. Though the scenario of businesses is constantly evolving the support gained by small and medium scale enterprises is very minimal. Zooming into a bigger picture, budding businesses need immense support to portray their presence and mark a stable status in society. The tech brands that help organizations to promote themselves and maintain the web portals are targeting big corporates, elite customers and high-end clients. The market that involves small brands is left untouched. Recognizing this gap in the land-scape and looking at the wide opportunity that the IT sector holds for startups and SMEs, Ramesh Kumar established BootSpider in the year 2016.

Having varied experience in the corporate field, Ramesh comes with huge exposure to the IT and tech space. His years of expertise as a corporate professional and as an expert who taught international postgraduate students, made him understand the need of the hour i.e., tech-driven strategies to build businesses. He also observed that SMEs could not afford high-end CRM solutions as they are expensive. Though there were brands that could help them with cheaper solutions, the system would be muddled with
security ignorance and others. With this glitch prevailing in the sector, he came up with the solution to help the companies with quality solutions at a mid-scale budget.

In this context, BootSpider is recognized as an end-to-end IT consulting solution provider that offers operational support for all major IT Needs specifically to startups, small businesses & medium enterprises. The company offers robust solutions to clients in various verticals like website designing, promotion, CRM solutions, lead management and more. "When you have a long term optimistic vision for your business, you need someone who can collaborate with you, and offer not just the services but solutions to overcome problems. We offer a wide range of solutions that every business must need to grow and perform better than competitors," says Ramesh Kumar.

Focusing on startups, SMEs and small businesses the solutions provided by BootSpider can be broadly classified into three verticals such as IT solutions that include web development and designing. Secondly, digital promotions and branding and finally, CRM solutions that would increase the sales force for the clients. Catering to the best-in-class solutions that suit the client's needs, the company offers customized web designs and maintains all the needs securely. "The relationship with the client is not just until execution of the project! The after delivery services that we offer make us stand ahead in the market. We don't let go of the client just by providing a solution but stay with them to support in all the needs and clarify every query they have," he informs.

BootSpider looks forward to tap the entire SME market and help at least 500 enterprises to grow their business with IT support, branding and small scale CRM solutions

He further adds, "We train them and educate the clients on every technical aspect, to make sure that they understand what solution suits them and what would make them reach the pinnacle of success."

Since the start, the company is highly keen on providing the best quality and it uses certain human psychological aspects that would help its clients gain a wider reach. Witnessing a significant growth, BootSpider looks forward to tapping the entire SME market and help at least 500 enterprises to grow their business with IT support, branding and small scale CRM solutions.