Bootstart: CoWork and CoLive for Startups, Entrepreneurs and Innovators

Atul Shinde, Founder

Atul Shinde


On 24 March 2017, Bootstart introduced a unique concept that differentiates them from rest of the competitors in the space today. Often, people escape to Goa to get away from the mundane life and have some fun, re-energizing, and relaxing times. Imagine this was your workplace location. Every thing would be so peaceful and business would just thrive to whole new level. The start-ups and young entrepreneurs these days are redefining the space whereby they are breaking the norm by not following the traditional realm of doing business. For any venture to grow and sustain; one has to do things slightly different from the rest.

Based in Pune, Bootstart is revolutionizing the co-working segment, where in their office in Mandrem, Goa offers a unique concept of co-working and co-living, where one can stay and work in Goa at a very minimal cost. Abhiraj Kulkarni, Co-Founder, Bootstart, throwing light on the same says “As co-working spaces
are booming at the moment. We are expecting a lot of competition in this segment. So, to tackle this, we are working on a sustainable model for fellow entrepreneurs and minimising the churn rate.”

Based in Pune, Bootstart is revolutionizing the co-working segment, wherein their office in Mandrem, Goa offers a unique concept of co-working and co-living

Bootstart - The Beginning
Bootstart was co-founded by four friends - Abhiraj Kulkarni, Atul Shinde, Yash Kankariya & Nikhil Oza. The quartet has robust experience working at different industries and start-ups, across the globe. During their tenure, they noticed that most start-ups faced a dearth of finding an office space to work, which traditionally was quite expensive and did not make any monetary sense for solo entrepreneurs and start-ups. In March 2017, the co-founders desire to change the industry once and for all resulted in setting up their first office space at Bavdhan, Pune. This was the start of Bootstart.

Abhiraj Kulkarni further narrating the entire journey explicates “Our first location in Bavdhan was operationally profitable from the first quarter of operations going live. Currently, we are at 8 locations in Pune,
Mumbai and Goa and going live in Bengaluru by January 2018. In the last eight months, we have 1000+ registered members at our locations. We recently secured a round of angel investor funding of US$ 120,000.”

Not just Office Spaces - A Strategic Manoeuvre to Exponential Growth
Bootstart is nurturing the essential parameters that let their clients focus on their core business operations. Explaining the benefits, Abhiraj asserts “We are continuously working hard on building a community at all our locations. Our members can view profile and communicate with other members no matter where they are located directly on our website. Our team has completed 50+ projects within our community. Our target audience being start-ups, MSMEs, solo entrepreneurs and large occupiers, we save 25-30 percent cost for all our clients through co-working spaces.”

At present, the company has offices in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Goa. The company at an expansion phase will soon be providing services across India. Abhiraj concluding on a positive note says “Our co-working will be strategically located with Cafés and restaurants. Where in, these will be our strategic partners. We are not only targeting revenue from membership fees, but also from ancillary services we offer.”