BrainGroom: The Masters of All Trades

Madhula Sathyamoorthy,Founder & CEOChennai based BrainGroom's inception story is not amongst the one that is in common. It is the idea that generated out of life's personal experiences. Madhula Sathyamoorthy, an NIT Trichy & IIM Raipur graduate was always interested to set her footprints in the entrepreneurial world. But she waited for the right situation & the right idea. And, it came while she was working with large corporate across Indian metro cities over a period of five years. It was during weekends when Madhula tried to learn something new in terms of education & other instrumental stuff; she noticed that the materials were not readily available. Most of the things served on the internet were scattered whereby one has to go through hundreds of sources, classify them, do a profiling, shortlist them and if required, meet the people in-person. The process was tedious & cumbersome in nature. Once on a vacation to her brother's place in Singapore, she observed similar things in regards to his kid's education. Thus, identifying that as digitization was on the edge but access to education was still was a major issue across borders; Madhula plunged into the educational ecosystem space.

Madhula Sathya moorthy, Founder & CEO, Brain Groom says, "Experiences,right idea for a massive development and
entrepreneurial stints paved the path for all. Coming back to India,I started with business mapping & planning and when things were placed I left my comfort zone to set up my own venture, leading to the advent of BrainGroom."

BrainGroom endeavours to create a comprehensive online teaching profile with building a brand name for itself

BrainGroom is a private organization focused on creating new age technology solutions for the education industry. The company is a partially owned subsidiary of the Singapore based parent company BrainGroom Pvt. Ltd. Flagging off its journey from Chennai, today has its operations in Bangalore too. The company receives 1000+ monthly bookings. Recently, the company has launched its beta product in Singapore. Currently, the company is under Facebook's SheLeads Tech India mentorship program.

BrainGroom endeavours to create a comprehensive online teaching profile with building a brand name for itself. Constituting the three core pillars-'Discover, Connect & Learn', it allows one to search a tutor along with conducting online & offline modes of classes. The company connects the tutor and learner via BrainGroom's app for discussions, sharing of learning interest. Some of the major service areas are informational & motivational, health & fitness, kids & teens, educational & skill development, home maintenance & so on.
"For tutors, we specifically have the CRM based app where they can track the booking, payment, & more," asserts Madhula.

Trying to build a nation with enforcing skill development, BrainGrooms flagship offering includes 'Skill Centre Program'. The company through its skill centres renders online classes at a very nominal price. With this, it tries to bring all in commonplace and ensures that college education is not just about clearing the exam but more of developing the existing skills. Braingroom has also initiated a yearly summer program where they have an array of interesting skills for young children, students, and working professionals. The classes are a result of an intensive research that aims at fulfilling life-enhancing skills that are the need of the hour. Madhula says. “We have tied up with various schools last year. This year, we are planning to make it big, by reaching out much early.”

Beyond Education
With a robust screening mechanism, quality parameters & price transparency, BrainGroom views for a 360-degree individual goal. The company is working with 10 schools & 20 colleges in the Tamil Nadu region. Backed by angel investors, the 16 member team aims to develop a learning ecosystem not just limited to academic but also for personality developments. "In the coming years, we will work for long-term sight and change the scenario of unemployability in the country, with making education accessible at an affordable cost pacing with digitization & advanced technology," mentions Madhula enthusiastically.