Brand Imprint: Helping Brands Create an Online Imprint

Vishal More & Prachi Agrawal,Co-Founder

Vishal More


Digital marketing is an all-encompassing resort for brands that want to reach out to far-fetched customers across the world, thus creating an impact through their digital presence. Established in the year 2017, Brand Imprint is a Digital Marketing & Communications Agency based out of Guwahati, Assam. The company has been continually helping the top brands in Northeast India to build & scale up their presence on various Digital Platforms.

Brand Imprint was founded by Vishal More & Prachi Agrawal. The primary services offered by the company are - Social Media Marketing, Website Design & Development, SEO/SEM, Creative Communications, as well as, Software & Mobile Apps Development.

Digital Marketing has All-New Possibilities To Explore
With rising trends and technology, Digital marketing has been exploring all new heights, and it is only bound to grow in the near future. It’s high time that the brands realize the importance of Digital Marketing as the most vital tool for promoting business, customer acquisition and retention. With the advent of technologies like Big Data, Machine Learning, Metaverse & Artificial Intelligence, the possibilities for Digital Marketing in the near future are infinite.

Brand Imprint started its operations, when Digital Marketing was still a very new concept for the Northeastern part of India. It was challenging to make the brands
understand and explore the possibilities and wonders that digital marketing had in store. Outdoor marketing was the only resort that brands had in mind, but Brand Imprint worked hard in making them realize the cost to return ratio, which was undoubtedly huge. It acquired its first big client in April 2018 and business has been going smooth for the agency, since then.

We breathe & drink data, and data is what defines our next course of action

Helping Brands Through MarTech
Brand Imprint helps generate high-quality leads and conversion. Brand Imprint brings-in an amalgamation of Marketing & Technology or, as it calls it 'MarTech'. Brand Imprint brings along discipline andtechnology with innovative marketing strategies. The team at the company has much experience with digital marketing tools and techniques to bring value to its clients. It has been helping brands with Social Media Marketing, Website Design & Development, SEO/SEM, Creative Communications, and Software & Mobile Apps Development. Brand Imprint understands that businesses value data as the most significant asset, and it helps them understand and analyze the data for their next course of action.

Prachi Agrawal, Co-Founder

Brand Imprint considers itself a pioneer in the Real Estate, Construction Materials & Automobile segment. It works closely with various Government Departments, Schools & Universities and has also catered to the Food & Beverage Industry, Cloud Kitchens and Hotel Industry.

Starting with just two members, Brand Imprint has now grown to a team of 20 members as yet. It is hiring young talent to provide value services to its clients. It started with a bootstrap investment of Rs. 100,000 and has reached an annual turnover of Rs.2 crores. The company is currently planning to expand in the North East and expand internally to the team of 50 members in the next financial year.