Brand Neurons: Imagineers Creating Innovation

Yuikan Shirik, MD ,Leiya T Shirik, CEO

Yuikan Shirik, MD

Leiya T Shirik, CEO

The idea behind Bangalore based Brand Neurons was inspired by the passion for designing and space management. The interior design industry is a growing space and a world of opportunities. A home has transformed from being a shelter to becoming a symbol of social status. Understanding this shift has helped designers turn any space into a cozy home that not only looks and feels good but designed to last! With over 12 years of experience in one of the leading Real Estate Construction companies as senior management, the foundation was laid with a deep rooted under standing of how interior design works, in terms of design and functionality. "Interior designing is an intriguing industry, especially for those people who love transforming raw spaces into beautiful rooms. We believe in the gift of imagination and the power of execution to inspire and influence. Ours is a fascinating mix of inventive business designers with matured enthusiasm, refined creativity,animated imagination, and spirited determination," speaks Yuikan Shirik, MD, Brand Neurons.

Brand Neurons provides a one stop solution for all interior needs without any conditions; be it a small scale renovation or a major project. Its services include Consultation, Designing, Execution and Post delivery Service. The services are complemented by a team of 2D and 3D designers, plumbers,
electricians, POP, civil, fabrication, furniture, landscape, carpenters, modular, CRM, marketing, and decor. "We work hand in hand with each other. It is because of effective collaboration and coordination among teams that we can successfully deliver even the quick turnaround projects. We practice open communication, growth-oriented and supportive culture, he says.

Brand Nuerons provides one stop solution for all interior needs without any conditions; be it a small scale renovation or a major project

No Difficulty can Discourage!
Every startup encounters a set of challenges that come along the way. Fortunately, none of these challenges are insurmountable, if tackled with little planning and tact. However, for some challenges, there is no permanent fix and entrepreneurs need to improvise and adapt to over come them. Time Management and Working on Quick Turnarounds, User Experience and Brand Identity, Selling Ideas, Maintaining Client Expectations are few of the challenges Brand Neurons run into. And to tackle these stumbling blocks, the company turns up with a simple plan of action Communication Plan. Starting from consultation till the time they hand over the project, the team keeps a clear communication with the clients. "No decisions are made without the knowledge of our customers. Giving the best interior with a lot of stress and deviation is not our style of dealing with our customers," speaks Leiya T Shirik, CEO, Brand Neurons. To cope with the ever changing trends of the industry, the company has a team who keeps a hawkeye on the market. Leiya adds, "Customer contentment and retention becomes easier when we give our 100 percent focus on their needs. Our expertise and strategic partnerships enable us to fit into any budget size big or small." To accomplish the set goals, it has incorporated methodologies like project management, CRM, marketing, employee engagement, among others.

The Journey
The journey of Brand Neurons has been filled with new experiences and learning. The team had their share of good and not so good times. Overall, it has helped them to improvise their strategies and the way they execute projects. Currently, the prime focus is Bangalore and they have completed projects in North, East, West and South of Bangalore. Brand Neurons is focused on scaling up the business. In the coming years, it will also aggressively work on strategy, enhancing capability and business development. "With our roadmaps laid down in front of us, we have started sketching out our action plans towards delivering results and not just activities," she concludes.