Brand Raga: A New-age Digital, Contextual Marketing and Branding Agency

Shiv Mamadapur,Co-Founder

Shiv Mamadapur


In recent years, digital marketing has grown its significance in the marketplace. Regardless of the size of your company, promotions & interactions through digital media is the need the of the hour. Digital marketing companies have thus gained a relevant role in today's business world, helping businesses tap into broader markets and identify potential consumers.

Brand Raga is a new-age digital, contextual marketing and branding agency that provides innovative solutions for marketing, visual branding, digital media and PR strategy that give their clients the ability to read the pulse on their digital presence. Founded in 2017, Brand Raga has since worked on a variety of online & offline campaigns. They believe in creating meaningful concepts that not only add value to the brands they partner with, but also focus on ROI factors. Founder & CEO of Brand Raga, Shiv Mamadapur recalls his experience which brought on the idea for his agency ­ "In 2014, my friend Pallavi Bhoomreddy and I had the chance to attend a Social Media Week. From what we learned and saw, it was clear that the practice of digital marketing had huge potential and taking this thought forward led to the conception of Brand Raga.

The idea was not market ready though, as this then-new strategy was not consumer ready." In 2015, Shiv began working with Delhi-based agency Digital Pitcher which he states he had to leave in 2017, due to personal reasons. Serving as their CEO, it was here that Shiv was able to establish his prowess in handling government projects, adding to his already vibrant past experience
since 2012 working for a Bengaluru based event agency on their social media presence.

Upon Shiv's return to Bengaluru in 2017, he realized that the time was perfect to relaunch Brand Raga as a full-fledged digital agency as the market had now begun to take greater interest in their brand's social media appearances.

Brand Raga follows a MPIF model. All of Brand Raga's projects are a careful blend of research, planning and execution that ensures the success and optimizes ROI. Their success stems from their ability to follow emerging market trends ahead of the curve, and they leverage their team of behavioral scientists to study consumer trends, the data of which is then used to create a innovative plan. They believe that "Content is at the center of any campaign, and digital marketing is its propagation mechanism". This practice of creating effective campaigns that often exceed their client's expectations is proof of Brand Raga's undeniable expertise. Shiv also shared with us the story of one of their clients, in the real estate business, who was able to efficiently sell plots with a total advertisement budget of INR 2400.

The practice of creating effective campaigns that often exceed their client's expectations is proof of brand raga's expertise

To the Brand Raga team, Ownership of one's work is the transcendent value for success. Boasting a strong team of marketing strategists, behavioral scientists, content creators & digital marketers, they do not act as vendors, but as partners. Observing the values of adaptability, honesty, and persistence, they are able to take their challenges head on.

As their journey continues, Brand Raga continues to collaborate with a number of partners within Bengaluru and beyond. Since 2017, they have worked with 53+ clients, conceptualized 115+ large-scale campaigns, curated 14+ large-scale events, and helped 15+ clients with their personal branding. As we look into the future, Brand Raga has found opportunity to expand amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Growing through their collaborative efforts, they expect a growth of 200% by Q4 2020, which is very conceivable, said Shiv.

Some of Brand Raga's testimonials include:
"I'm very impressed with your understanding and delivery of our design & marketing requirement."- Ajay Handa, ED, Hans Hotel
"The content & creativity factor that they bring in their designs is worth appreciating."- Representative, Legislative Assembly

At Brand Raga, we help companies build compelling brand stories & execute their marketing campaigns effectively.