BrandzGarage: Innovating Marketing Solutions

The installation of BrandzGarage was done with the objective of succouring every entrepreneur with marketing strategies and services that are of top-quality at reasonable prices. The company stands true to its name as it fixes all marketing and branding queries. In short, it is a one stop destination for startups that intend to meet all needs by cutting down their time and effort. “Companies, particularly startups, face a lot of problems to create their image in the market. More than that, they have a tough time managing their time, energy and cost in deriving effective measures. This situation made me figure out a simple way through which such needs can be settled. So we thought of amalgamating the three important feature technology, marketing and design to meet the marketing and branding needs of each and every startup,” informs Saquib Jawed, Founder, BrandzGarage.

The Genesis
Sometimes a small incident can spark off great innovation. A simple meeting between a recipient and a provider led to the origination of a trailblazing marketing concern, BrandzGarage. The concept of instituting the cornerstone of the company struck Saquib over a head-to-head conversation. Observing the need and dependency of companies on marketing strategies he resolute to put in place the foundation of Brandzgarage. The motif has been to play an integral role in the journey of any brand new business. “It would not be wrong to say that our company is born out of mere twist of fate or a coincidence. A client’s approach not only gave me the name for my company but also define the idea of the business that I have always intended to administer. The peculiar yet fascinating truth
is that the capital we used for the establishment of the company is actuality the payment we received from our first client,” he adds.

The company has maintained its uniqueness throughout its services which are segregated into Technology, Digital marketing, Design, Tech Solutions and Hiring. Through these, it is devising solutions regarding Website& Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Paid Ads, UI/UX Design, Brands collaterals, and many other services based on the requirements of its client. The adroit team of BrandzGarage have a great team spirit. They work ardently and hand in hand with each other. They have maintained their record of creating finest products and services, pledging to not keep any demand unattended. They basically aim at two things i.e. maintaining speed and accuracy. He adds, “Our team is young, energetic, enthusiasts, and professional. They love their work. They give their best in bring out a solution that is Process-driven and transparent. We have given them full creative freedom and a friendly environment to evolve.”

BrandzGarage a one stop destination for startups that intend to meet all needs by cutting down their time and effort

With a great concept and a proficient team, BrandzGarage has made a significant stature for itself in the market. A bootstrapped company is at the present date has touched 100 per cent CAGR. Beginning with one, it has served about 150 clients which include some of the big names of the industry such as Aditya Birla, Finolex, Thyrocare, Qtrove, Box 8, Smoking Joes, Meds on Way, Dineout, Merkle Sokrati, Mobikon, Payme India(NBFC) and many others. It is at the process of adding new talents to its team which has now counted to 36 at present.

The Picture of the Future
BrandzGarage is all set to enhance its activities and all its offerings. Its intention is to hire more potential people and set its hands in the data analytics process for better deliverables. One of its goals is expanding itself in the international startup market.