Brewers Kettle : Delivering Excellence in Premium 'Coffee & Tea Beverage Solutions'

Jagathrana Jeevanigi,  Director-Marketing

Jagathrana Jeevanigi


While the market brims with coffee vending options, a glaring gap exists in the realm of tea - a cherished beverage among the Indian community. Recognizing this void, Brewers Kettle has emerged as a pioneer, introducing an innovative concept: freshly brewed, boiled tea at the touch of a button. Comprising a dynamic leadership team of engineers, IIM alumni, and seasoned sales professionals, Brewers Kettle is committed to delivering superior tea and coffee beverage solutions at unmatched affordability. Its clientele spans various corporate sectors, having high-quality coffee machines in the office, employees can satisfy their beverage cravings without stepping out. The machines are available in models, such as the Classic Brewer, Hybrid Brewer, Freeze Bean Machine, Conventional Brewer, and Premix Brewer, offering a range of options to suit different preferences.

Brewers Kettle focuses on sales and service, prioritizing user-friendly machine design for the satisfaction of service personnel. This commitment to simplicity in design, guided by Meeravali Shaik's expertise, sets the company apart in the market. On the sales front, Brewers Kettle distinguishes itself with unique product concepts and competitive pricing, effectively showcased through demonstrations that highlight product quality. This concerted effort, led by Founders Rajesh Bandaru, Srikanth Pasham, Jagathrana
Jeevanigi, and Meeravali Shaik, has solidified Brewers Kettle's position as an industry leader.

Nurturing a Supportive Work Environment

Meeravali adds, "Supportive management creates a close-knit environment where employees feel valued and recognized for their contributions. Brewers Kettle prioritizes team members' growth, ensuring they feel elevated in their careers". The company prioritizes structured training for collaborative communication and a tech-savvy, innovative team. "Training programs are continually updated to meet industry demands using both internal and external resources. We aim to nurture a skilled and cohesive team for adynamic business landscape”, speaks Rajesh.

Further, Jagath elaborates, "We prioritize communication skills for effective interaction with diverse customers in the vending industry. We cover spoken English, comprehension drills, and soft skills like email writing and Linkedin management for sales staff in our language training courses. Members of the technical staff are also trained in languages to improve their communication skills". Regular assessments and practical exercises are conducted to bridge communication gaps and improve proficiency.

Moreover, Brewers Kettle strategically participates in quarterly facility gatherings, showcasing machines and positioning itself as beverage partners. By offering attendees the chance to experience products firsthand, the company demonstrates the quality and uniqueness of its offerings. “Leveraging industry experience and personal connections, we secure installations with prominent brands like Gati, CITCO, FHPL, KFIN Tech, Techwave, and many more, garnering credibility and expanding reach. This success enables us to pursue pan-India contracts, with discussions underway in key cities including Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai, and the NCR region", states Srikanth.

"Our startup aims to establish a strong presence with a turnover target of Rs.25 crores by 2026–27 and a team size of over 100. Operating via franchising, we plan to expand to 100+ franchises by then. We're recruiting for franchise acquisition and digital marketing to kickstart our growth, with subsequent hires for sales and service as franchises are acquired. Additionally, we're developing an e-commerce platform for household consumers and deploying digital marketing campaigns for brand visibility. Our focus is on strategic expansion and customer-centric operations to become a leading player in the premium beverage market", concludes Leadership Team – Brewers Kettle.