Bridgers: Delivering 360 Solution To Bridge The Communication Gap

Anubhav Singh,FounderDuring the pandemic, although work-from-home became the norm, the PR industry was reluctant to adopt it. Post pandemic, a lot of people wanted to stay back home and work. Bridgers founder Anubhav Singh was one such person himself, because his parents were undergoing surgeries. But as per his own admission, he couldn't find good opportunities. "I hence started Bridgers back in December 2021, with the aim to provide jobs to people who wanted to excel in the field of communication from the comfort of their homes& shares the young entrepreneur. As a brand, Bridgers is not after quantity but quality, he reinstates.

Bridgers has offices in New Delhi and in Ranchi, but they encourage their team to work from anywhere. The team follows a 360 degree approach - they offer services in traditional PR i.e. print and traditional media, modern PR i.e. online and social media, and influencer cum digital marketing. As a part of their traditional approach, they undertake both regional as well as international PR.

Tracing their growth trajectory
According to Anubhav, marketing in the initial
three months entirely happened word of "My ex-accounts from my previous office approached me when they heard I was starting a firm of my own. We started pitching in the 8th/9th month running. Today we have a cluster of about 15-20 accounts& he shares and goes on to add, "The best part about Bridgers is that we have a whopping 95% retainer rate& Employees at Bridgers handle only 2-3 number of accounts, so that they can enjoy work-life balance.

"That is in fact the only reason I started this PR agency. In PR, there is no work-life balance. At Bridgers, we have a very robust, seamless structure in place. We are a small agency, but we are like a family and our clients are an extended part of the family& Anubhav tells us.

They initially started hiring people who had experience in PR. However, after that whoever joined, the core team up skilled them from scratch. Bridgers is headquartered in Ranchi, which is Anubhav's hometown, and he wanted it that way for a reason. "In our zone - Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, for that matter even in the UP zone - there are no PR agencies working on a national-international level. I wanted to open something in our community and give back", he shares. The PR agency takes interns from St. Xavier's College, Ranchi and train them to educate and spread a general awareness about PR amongst the youth.

I started Bridgers with the aim to provide jobs to people who wanted to excel in the field of communication from the comfort of their homes

In The Future
The next big plan for Bridgers is onboarding more clients of international repute. The agency is currently generating 6 digits in monthly transactions and is planning to reach the 7-digit mark by end of 2022. They are growing every month at a rate of 10 percent and look forward to pushing that to 15 percent - 17 percent."We have a team which is spread across Indian cities with a head-count of 10-12 members and we plan to take it to 25-30 members by our second anniversary. In every Indian city there should be at least 1 Bridgers employee. That's our long-term vision!", Anubhav concludes.