Briston Technomach: Achieving the Energy Efficiency with IoT Plinth

Arpeet Gupta,  Anil Sagar & Avnish Kumar, CEO,  COO & CTOA couple of years back, an IIT tour gang was hardly interested in checking the fuel meter apart from the jests cracked inside the car while they stopped at a fuel station in Delhi. But when the vehicle ran out of petrol after few miles covered, the peer group realized that they have been duped by the petrol bunk staffs. One among the group, Arpeet Gupta who knew that they are not the first victims, brainstormed to create solutions to tackle such frauds. Through his deep-rooted researches, Arpeet realized the power of data, advantages of IoT, the level of transparency and efficiency it brings along.

With a vision to tackle the whole energy monitoring hassles, he incepted Briston Technomach in 2014. Anil Sagar soon joined him. Having started with remote fuel monitoring for power backup industry, they soon concentrated their focus on end-to-end solutions for construction, mining and marine industries. End-to-end solutions for these industries now include vehicle/heavy machinery
authentication and automated fuel dispensing. This automates the complete fuel management process for these industries.

Briston’s solutions cut across all sources of power, whether electricity board, diesel generators or even solar and replaces an annual energy audit exercise conducted by the customer

Briston also provides complete energy monitoring solutions for manufacturing and similar industries. These solutions cut across all sources of power whether electricity board, diesel generators or even solar and replaces an annual energy audit exercise conducted by a customer. With real-time data and action-oriented analytics, customers are able to achieve up to 15 percent power savings.

Being Briston

“Our competitive differentiation is based on three key items: cutting edge technology, national sales channel and strategic partnerships, to provide end-to-end solutions & create customer stickiness. We have been able to create a reliable national sales channel through a power-backup market leader,”proclaims Anil, Co-Founder, Briston.This strategic partnership empowers the company to sell IoT
based end-to-end energy/fuel monitoring solutions including security authentication and automated control, thus savor a phenomenal advantage in the market. “Energy is used by all kinds of businesses in one form or the other. The opportunities to use the advantage of IoT platforms in this $7 billion market are tremendous,” adds Anil. This market-dominant approach by the organization brought it some renowned clients, including but not limited to L&T, Ashoka Buildcon, Dixon, IIT Delhi, Leela Hotels, Bharat Vanijya, Presidium School, Safexpress, Exedy and Bharti Infratel.

The Briston Gallery

Trusting its workforce and work culture, both built in transparency, agility, efficiency, personal connect and playfulness, Briston offers IoT based end-to-end fuel & energy monitoring solutions with rock-solid data security at the backend. Considering this comprehensive hold of the sphere, no wonder the organization’s revenue edges are in sparkling form to achieve a 300 percent growth in last six months.

Along with the intention to cover the key geographies in India and other emerging economies, the next bold blueprint of Briston is making its market offerings wider. “Having a strategic investment commitment from a power sector market leader, we are looking for diverse set of investors to close our pre-series A round,” concludes Anil.