BrunchBites: Happiness in a Box

Priyanka Row,Co-Founder

Priyanka Row


The changing time is turning lives better and busier too. The days of joint families have almost vanished and the concept of the nuclear family has mushroomed everywhere. Several needs are also making both the parents work with absolutely no lei-sure or time to spend with their kids. Though having a life of our own and making time for the family is a matter of priority, our tight schedules are hindering our personal lives. With these challenges, mothers are struggling to provide their kids a balance of nutrition that they would like their kids to eat and a balance of fun food their kids would love to eat. Recognizing these issues of our daily lives, Priyanka Row who hails from a Luxury Hospitality and Corporate Sales background teamed up with a corporate leadership and business professional Pritam Onsker and established BunchBites - Goa's first online mealbox delivery platform.

Though there are several unicorns in the food-delivery ecosystem that act as an aggregator and deliver food at the door-steps. They do not own a kitchen or control the quality and hygiene of the food. With an idea to bridge this gap while saving the time of the working mothers, they discussed and debated on the requirements to venture something that is closer to food delivery but with added uniqueness. The company offers daily and monthly plans which can be pre-booked from the website. They provide a
healthy, nutritious and wide range of variants delivered in meal boxes. It has also chosen the niche to serve only breakfast and lunch for schools, corporate, events or others.

"At BunchBites, we aim to revolutionize eating habits by providing meals that are fresh, hygienic and tasty. It's our mission to adopt practices laid down over centuries by the tried and tested `Mother's cooking'. Giving a homely feel, our school afternoon lunch box and our corporate box comprises of a delicious main course, a tasty side dish and a dessert to soothe client's sweet-tooth," says Pritam. While our thaal box appeals to the tastebuds of those with a larger appetite or being served at home a more wholesome meal of rice, chapati, curry, dal, dessert and an accompaniment salad. This Thaal Box is our best sellers being served in homes of senior citizens daily for over a year now," says Priyanka.

Brunch Bites aims to revolutionize eating habits by providing meals that are fresh, hygienic and tasty

The company is committed to using premium quality ingredients fresh from the market every day as it serves only menus of the day and it strictly follows laid-down hygiene practices, while preparing the meals. The menus are carefully put together to balance the nutritionist's suggestions while satisfying the client's taste buds. The meal boxes consist of some innovative recipes to offer a variety of delicious meals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A periodic cyclic menu will ensure that dishes are not repeated in a span. Our kitchens are FSSAI licensed adhere to the stringent norms and we ensure that the hygiene and other aspects of cleanliness are maintained at the highest level," she exclaims.

The enthusiastic and dedicated team at BunchBites ensures that the meal is delivered on time to the schools or offices "We can proudly say that we have never missed a single delivery in our 16 months of operations and our meal boxes open up to quality meals that you can savour till the last,” asserts.

What's Next?
In a short span, the company has carved a niche. It is serving 2200 meal boxes on average per month. Currently serving in Panjim, Porvorim and Anjuna, it plans to expand the presence to Vasco and South Goa shortly. It is also looking forward to venture into the market of Maharashtra and Karnataka in the upcoming years.