Bud-e: A Future-driven Mobility Solution Provider

(L-R) Vijay Madduri, Kedar Selgamshetty & Vamsi Karumanchi,   Co-FoundersIndian cities are experiencing an urban mobility crisis, with levels of congestion, noise, and pollution considerably exceeding those found in most European and North American cities. The transport crisis in India has been exacerbated by the extremely rapid growth of the country's largest cities in the context of limited and outdated transportation infrastructure, rampant suburban sprawl, sharply increasing motor vehicle ownership and use, deteriorating bus services, and inadequate as well as uncoordinated land use and transportation planning.

Through its brand bud-e Mobility, M/s Watts and Volts Mobility Private Limited is bringing a seamless, 100% hassle free, and EV solution to everyday commuting. It allows customers to rent the EV bikes for a week, month or more, at an affordable pricing, solving the first and last-mile connectivity challenges in style. bud-e aims to make daily commute less stressful and more comfortable, while also lowering the carbon impact and leaving future generations with emission free, breathable, and livable cities. Three capable evangelists, Vijay Madduri, Kedar Selgamshetty, and Vamsi Karumanchi, with 15-20 years of expertise across varied sectors have been successfully leading the organization.

“Our vision and mission is to make
urban spaces more ecofriendly. Our main mission is to reduce traffic congestion, and commuting time, by offering affordable mobility solutions with environmental stewardship,” says Vijay Madduri, Co-Founder at Bud-e.

Promising Complete Hassle Free and Seamless Experience
Bud-e now operates a fleet of 500 low-speed electric bikes. It is a mobility solution based on (enabled with) IoT. The business is collaborating with renowned OEMs to provide best electric automobiles that are hassle-free and flawless. The business has also teamed with certain well-known battery manufacturers to develop batteries with a high range in single full charge. All of these batteries are swappable. And, with a fully integrated app-based system in place across all end-points, the organization aims for operational excellence. When it comes to transportation, these electric scooters are nimble, efficient, and capable of carrying significant weights.

Further, to combat the fear for the range of batteries that the customers have as of today, we are actually on the verge of establishing a centralized hub, where one can charge all the batteries; a place where the customers can come and swap the battery at a very nominal price. An individual can carry out this work without any hurdles throughout the day,” explains Vamsi Karumanchi, Co-Founder at Bud-e.

Bud-e as a brand believes in an open culture across every department. Any personnel can voice their opinions and share their ideas and views. Bud-e has a mixed ratio of both men and women working for the brand to support a balanced and development oriented business ecosystem.

“We are a promising startup that has been focused significantly on R&D in order to bring in the necessary industry innovation." We will first be accessible in Hyderabad, but due to high demand, we want to expand into the Alibad and Goa markets as well. Our goal is to gradually expand our presence pan India and eventually have a fleet of one lakh vehicles on road. For this, we are working with the Telangana government to put more EVs on the road in order to accelerate the adoption of rental electric two-wheelers." says Kedar Selgamshetty, Co-Founder at Bud-e.

Bud-e is offering multiple products based on commuting needs. Soon customers can choose the electric two-wheeler and the rental duration in just one tap from the bud-e app. Currently the brand is offering low-speed two wheelers and soon it will come up with highspeed variants. Bud-e is also continuously engaging in R&D and designing its own IP prototype focused on Indian market needs. The company would be working towards offering solutions such as shared mobility, last mile connectivity and long term rental EVs