bud-e: Enabling A New Age of Mobility

(L-R) Vijay Madduri, Kedar Selgamshetty & Vamsi Karumanchi,   Co-FoundersRewind to a few decades ago, all that people worried a while taking up a job was a good paycheck. Cut to the present, the entire situation has changed. Employees today look not just at monetary benefits, but the overall growth and flexibility that design their life. From flexible working hours to other perks, from onsite to work from home, from learning to mentoring, today's employees want to take many steps at a time. Feeding them an innovation pedigree and providing them enough room to test and try their ideas is what today employee’s look for. What they want is an encouraging environment where they and their ideas are respected and given enough scope to breed. By strongly believing the fact that a company that invests in its employees is investing in its success, bud-e turns out to be one of the best startups to work in Hyderabad.

Under the stewardship of Vijay Madduri, KedarSelgamshetty, and Vamsi Karumanchi, bud-e is adapting to best people practices and work culture, which helps them to grow as an individual and perform better. With the extreme vibrancy of a futuristic EV brand, bud-e is welcoming fresh talents as interns, feeding innovation, and providing them with ample growth opportunities.

Sharing about the culture at bud-e, one of the employees expresses, "My one year with bud-e has been a wonderful journey. Being a startup in the most nascent Industry and technology adds-up many opportunities for
aspiring minds. The whole ecosystem here is ambitious, and the management is keen on the growth and development of new ideas. At bud-e, we are hassling every day to create a hassle-free product journey for our customers."

Though bud-e is a challenging and demanding place to work due to its constant novelty, many advantages come with its fast pace for new talents. While upholding diversity and inclusion as part of its principle, it is not only one of the finest start-ups to work with but also one of the Best EV brands in the Hyderabad City of India– promoted and supported by Actors Vijay Deverakonda and Suniel Shetty.

The idea that came to life in 2020, owns a fleet of 500 low-speed vehicles today. In the upcoming months, the brand will add 500 high-speed vehicles while expanding to Mumbai and Goa as well

Setting New Benchmarks in EV Ecosystem
Over the years, we have witnessed a lot. Right from high vehicular emission and traffic congestion to recently the inadequacy of public transport and fear of commuting due to Covid. Here comes bud-e as a solution to all these issues and more. Owned by Watts and Volts Pvt. Ltd., bud-e is a shared mobility company allowing users to rent electric two-wheelers making daily last-mile & first-mile commute stress-free. And convenient while reducing the carbon footprint and leaving the future generations with emission-free, breathable, and liveable cities.

bud-e is constantly upgrading to the latest technology products for cost-saving, increased efficiency, and better outcomes in EVs. Currently, the fleet of the brand is capable of commuting 100 km per full charge and can carry up to 150 kg. Passionate about disruptions by building products or services that make the world better for all, bud-e aims to reduce the dependency on personal automobiles for short-distance travel by solving the first & last-mile connectivity issues.

The brand focus is to redefine urban mobility by making daily commutes comfortable and suitable for everyone. Nonetheless, its core objective is to encourage the use of zero-emission vehicles and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet. One of the promoters, Vijay Deverakonda(Actor) says, “The mission is to bring the Future of traveling to us. To make travel, clean, healthy, easy, and stylish. When we are going to work, travel is supposed to take us there, travel itself should not feel like work. So bud-e is our solution to all these problems. Delighted to be a part of bud-e. Engineered for the climate and a healthier lifestyle.”