Build IT India: Forging the Future in Construction Technology

Nilesh Bhalala & Akassh Patel,   Co-FoundersThe Construction Technology sector is in the midst of a profound transformation, marked by the integration of digital tools, automation, and data analytics. Notably, trends like Building Information Modeling (BIM) drones, and IoT are reshaping project efficiency and collaboration. However, customers encounter specific challenges in material procurement, including managing costs, ensuring timely availability, and maintaining quality standards. These challenges highlight the intricate balance between embracing technological innovation and addressing practical material-related issues in the Construction Tech landscape. BUILDITINDIA, founded in 2021 by industry veterans Akassh Patel and Nilesh Bhalala, is revolutionizing the construction sector with innovative technology solutions. Bridging the gap between traditional practices and modern tools, the company streamlines procurement, enhances architectural design, and fosters collaboration. By addressing challenges such as pricing transparency and logistical inefficiencies, BUILDITINDIA's unique approach is reshaping the industry and propelling it toward efficiency and growth.

This dedication has swiftly risen BUILTININDIA, as a pioneering force in the construction technology arena today. By optimizing architectural design, streamlining procurement processes, and enhancing collaboration, BUILDITINDIA has garnered over 90 projects, effectively transforming the way construction projects are executed. Its dynamic solutions have fostered strong relationships with 50+ reliable suppliers in the Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar region, further solidifying its impact. “Positioned for global expansion and embracing cutting-edge technologies, the company's growth
trajectory holds promise for a transformative future in the construction domain”, says Nilesh Bhalala, Co-Founder.

BUILDITINDIA offers a comprehensive suite of products and services that redefine the construction landscape. Anchored by the company’s flagship B2B material procurement platform, the company simplifies sourcing by employing a unique reverse bidding algorithm, ensuring the best prices for diverse building materials. This platform is complemented by advanced Architectural Design Software, empowering architects with AI-driven design tools. Additionally, BUILDITINDIA provides a robust Construction Project Management Platform for streamlined project planning and progress tracking. With a commitment to sustainability, the company's Materials Efficiency Analytics tool optimizes resource utilization. These offerings collectively drive efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in the construction industry. “BUILDITINDIA stands ready to transform the construction and real estate sector through its robust, user-friendly platform, streamlining procurement and elevating operational efficiency”, adds Akassh Patel, Co-Founder.

Akassh Patel, Co-Founder

Reshaping Construction Tech for Tomorrow
BUILDITINDIA distinguishes itself with a unique blend of innovation, user-centric design, and comprehensive solutions. At the core of the company’s success is a proprietary reverse bidding algorithm that guarantees cost-effective procurement. The company's acclaimed Architectural Design Software leverages AI, empowering architects for precise and efficient design creation. The Construction Project Management Platform enhances planning and execution, while the Materials Efficiency Analytics tool reinforces sustainable practices. With an expansive supplier network, a recognized user feedback loop, and alignment with industry standards, BUILDITINDIA remains at the forefront of reshaping construction technology, revolutionizing the sector across diverse fronts.

BUILDITINDIA's future roadmap involves enhancing its platform with cutting-edge Architectural Design Software featuring AI-driven tools. Furthermore, the company aims to strengthen its Construction Project Management Platform for improved planning and tracking. Sustainability remains a priority, with plans to advance the Materials Efficiency Analytics tool for optimized resource utilization. These strategic directions collectively will ensure increased efficiency, collaboration, and innovation within the construction industry.