Burgerama: Known for Delectable Comfort Food with a Side of Indulgence!

Mr. Kabir Bose,CEOThe rapid digitization of businesses has motivated food startups to delve into the concept of cloud kitchens which has been a blessing for the food-lovers out there who crave authentic food. Started in 2018, Burgerama was founded by three childhood friends who were tired of waiting for the next trip abroad to dig into an authentic American Cheese- burger and so; they set out to create India’s very own quintessential burger brand. The product is the hero at Burgerama and the quality and consistency of the food is the key aspect that differentiates the brand from its contemporaries.

The concept of food delivery has been in our lives for a while now, but the onset of COVID led to exponential growth in the sector as food delivery became a necessity for restaurants and food businesses to survive. Gaining much relevance, food delivery has become mainstream and widely accepted, cementing itself as part of ‘the new normal’. This has created a great opportunity for new businesses and brands such as Burgerama to enter and flourish in the Indian food landscape as it involves lower capital outlay, rentals, and overhead costs- in compareson to the Dine-in restaurants.

Among the Most Loved
“A 20-year-old bond and a passion for bringing juicy, authentic cheese burgers to India- became the catalysts that led to the birth of Burgerama. It has transformed from
a passion project into one of the most loved burger brands in Delhi NCR”, says Mr. Kabir Bose, CEO, Burgerama.

The team behind Burgerama ensures that the brand delivers on its promise to the customers every time. While delivering authentic international flavors is the core mission, the team's unwavering commitment to the highest levels of hygiene and safety is as integral a part of their brand story. “Burgerama has carved a niche for itself in a market that was primed for renaissance”, says Kabir Burgerama works closely with the vendors and suppliers in order to maintain a consistent supply of the freshesting redients for its offerings. The Burgerama kitchen layouts are scientifically designed to facilitate a seamless preparation process that aids teamwork there-by allowing maximum process efficiency and on-time delivery even during peak business hours.

The strength of the Burgerama promise and the loyalty of their customers has reinforced the brand’s success and has propelled the company on its enviable growth trajectory. Burgerama went from a small home grown brand finding its feet, to the newest iconic brand in Delhi to finally the benchmark for excellent burgers across the country.

Burgerama has carved a niche for itself in a market that was primed for renaissance

Poised to Become a National Sensation
Burgerama’s growth has been immensely gratifying with an over 600% increase in business since the start of the pandemic itself! The brand has also attracted the interest of external investors and with their pre-series A funding in place, Burgerama is poised to become a national sensation!

With the recent launch of an outlet in Chandigarh and its impending launch in Bengaluru, Burgeramawill soon be a bonafide national brand.

The brand has recently taken its first step towards a frontend model ‘Burgerama Express’: by participating in the most exclusive food events and gatherings in the city. The team behind the brand believes this foray into offline business will eventually result in a quick-serve concept designed for high footfall areas such as malls & airports. One of the lesser known features of the brand’s philosophy is its commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its business by using bagasse boxes which are 100% biodegradable along with eliminating the use of plastic as much as possible.