Buyerzspot: The Emerging Star of the e-Grocery World

Naveen Kumar,Founder & CEO

Naveen Kumar

Founder & CEO

Caught in the city’s fast pace, tedious commuting and long working hours, many people fall short of time to manage their day-to-day chores, and few even avoid doing so. This is why, consumers have now opened up to online shopping and are quite comfortable in ordering apparels, accessories, furniture, electronics and other items, online. But some where in this race, groceries were left far behind. Questions on quality of the products, on-time deliveries on week ends and many more made people skeptic in doing so. However, with gradual acceptance from the buyers and easy online payment options, several e-grocers are emerging every day. But what will differentiate the leader from rest of its pack? The ability to offer quality and quantity at the most effective price at the most appropriate time suited to buyers.

The food and grocery industry in India is expected to touch $1 trillion by 2020, claims Technopak. Despite grocery being tough to crack online even globally, several startups have marked their presence well within the industry. But some vaporized due to the unbearable heat of poor execution and low quality deliveries. But not Buyerzspot who has been on a winning journey since its inception this January.

The birth of Buyerzspot is a result of deep research on online companies and trends by its founders. When they realized the potential the industry holds, their next step was to decide what to sell online. “We thought of venturing into groceries. We did some market research and found that there were few existing players who already were running as champions. We knew that we have to do things differently to sustain in this tough competition,” says Naveen Kumar, Founder & CEO, Buyerzspot.
The Incongruity

Currently most of the online grocery companies partner with hyper local markets to source products and cater to their customers. This surely helps them reduce the burden of inventory management, but in the process, they lose control over purity and quality of the product, which ultimately leads to customer loss. But Buyerzspot realized that being a complex, execution-oriented business, understanding the execution and supply chain makes the real difference. “Most of the hyper local markets are unorganized and it is difficult to maintain the exact inventory which is present in that super market. Due to this reason, customers are not receiving the exact product they order, which leads to losing customer segment in online grocery business,” adds Naveen. But there are few players with their own inventory doing fairly good. However, they are facing problems in express delivery. “Overall, it is a challenge to maintain the express delivery along with quality, quantity and trust of the customers,” claims Naveen.

The birth of Buyerz spot is a result of deep research on online companies and trends by its founders. When they realized the potential the industry holds, their next step was to decide what to sell online

To eradicate these dilemmas, Buyerzspot has a centralized warehouse in one location and its sister warehouses across different locations, within 10 kilometer radius.The software system helps Buyerzspot to manage effectively the supply chain, retail shrinkage, and real estate concerns.It has a strategy of Auto MBQ of each product which is generated by the system on a basis of stock availability, which gives Buyerz spot the report to raise the PO for FMCG products & maintain bare minimum stock in ware house.

Growing with Trust & Quality

The three-hour express delivery with a promise of fresh fruits and
vegetables procured directly by farmers (eliminating middlemen surely reduces the price of products), branded items with latest manufacturing date, easy return policy and convenient payment options, and fresh meat & sea food is what Buyerzspot stands for. The young company adopts special care technology for packing goods to keep them fresh. It also takes bulk order for parties, catering and corporate (B2B) with ‘No Compromise’ attitude for quality, quantity and freshness says Sharavanan Co-founder & CTO of Buyerz spot.

Buyerzspot delivers exactly what the customer orders without replacing with any other alternate product. “We are able to do this since we have our own warehouse facility. Reasonable price, freshness, express delivery, quality are the reasons which brings our customer back to us again and again,” elucidates Naveen. Moreover, the company gives a personalized service to its customers by sending regular updates regarding its products and benefits. This is why the company has built a strong customer base of over 10000 in the past six months and enjoys overall sales of Rs.2.5million. The company currently targets one lakh orders per month in next six months and to expand to other cities of India soon.


Key Management:

Naveen Kumar DM, Founder & CEO

Regarded as the ingenious mind behind the creation of Buyerzspot, Naveen also is the Founder & CEO of Guruva Properties. His experienced marketing skills, professional entrepreneurship decisions, knowledge of market strategies and brilliant risk-taking capabilities have not only led him to generate revenue for the company but also provide service to the citizens.

Sharavanan P Shekar, Co-founder & CTO

Sharavanan is the sole mind behind the arduous IT activities, Digital Marketing, Technical operations, Logistics and Planning required for the onset of Buyerzspot. Coming with a better understanding of e-commerce business with over nine years of industry experience, he is responsible for developing and performing the market strategies needed for Buyerz spot.