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Biswajit Mukherjee,Founder & CEO

Biswajit Mukherjee

Founder & CEO

Today, being one of the best web development company is defined not only by its quality and trending technologies it develops, but also by its capability to integrate those solutions seamlessly and cost-effectively, ensuring a rich user-experience while still maintaining client expectations and deadlines. Headquartered in New Delhi, BuzyTech – a promising digital services company – stands synonymous with the aforementioned characteristics and has been instrumental in re-inventing conventional ways of design, process and application. Unlike most mid-level companies who confine themselves within a small circle of technology, BuzyTech has its foothold in the industry through its cutting-edge web development, design and comprehensive array of digital marketing services that range from the traditional to current trends of web 2.0 video marketing, along with mobile app development and offshore development services.

The Transformation

Besides the pre-defined open source customization, BuzyTech has also mastered the art of providing world class mobile-ready solutions utilizing the latest tools and trends

Headquartered in Delhi and with offices in U.S.A. and Costa Rica, BuzyTech is an organization worth Rs.2.5 crore and has strategic partnerships with organizations such as Bluestar, LLC (USA), Affiliate Machine (USA & Costa Rica) and has clients such as True Romance (USA), MaeVona (USA), Neo Matrix (USA), Elite Luxury Services (USA), Terrain Spotter / Travel Buddies (India), MigSun Group (India) and many many more. However, attaining this level of success was not an easy feat for Biswajit Mukherjee (Founder & CEO of BuzyTech). “As a sole owner, I had the difficult task of running every process and at the same time find adequate solutions all on my own – from pitching ideas and communicating with prospective clients located in various time zones to implementation and delivery of optimum design and development solutions. I travel to the U.S. and other countries on a regular basis to meet with clients, present ideas and building strategic partnerships to enhance our brand,” reminisces Biswajit. Today, BuzyTech is proud to have a majority of its operations in
North and South America and currently has a team of 40+ dedicated and skilled IT Professionals who constantly strive to promote customer satisfaction.

BuzyTech is synonymous for providing its clients tailor-made design, development and custom application services. Besides the pre-defined open source customization, the company has also mastered the art of providing world class mobile-ready solutions utilizing the latest tools and trends. BuzyTech’s core strength comes from understanding the client’s exact requirements and expectations and ultimately deliver a far better product than they envisioned.

Fueling Excellence

Above all, this is a people-friendly organization.BuzyTech’s motto is“Team Work”. “I believe in being a part of the overall team of BuzyTech, and not just an individual that runs the company. We are only as good as our team and I push our team to be the best at what we do” says Biswajit.

Due to an overwhelmingly large America-based clientele, the employees are especially encouraged to share their ideas and are expected to offer their opinions freely. BuzyTech is also developing a revolutionary new Marketing tool. Currently in its beta stage, this tool is being designed and developed from scratch to provide online marketing functionality - equally to users in US, Latin America and India by the end of this year.