Buzzzcraft: Crafting Success Stories

Chaital Shah,Founder & Head of Growth

Chaital Shah

Founder & Head of Growth

The digital Darwinism has refashioned the up and running of businesses to a great extend. Comprehensibility of modernistic approaches, availability of devices at an affordable price, and better network connectivity has given rise to social networking which has forged out to be a salutary platform for marketing endeavours. This environment has put up profuse opportunity for brands to put their messages precisely across their targeted audience. This expedient ecosystem enticed the attention of a seasoned professional, Chaital Shah. His avid fascination for advertising and digital technologies impelled him to plunge into this domain and lay plans for putting up of BuzzzCraft-a one-stop destination that caters all marketing needs of brand who intend to grow and sustain in this digital era.

"I am very much gravitated towards learning about technologies and market trends, and the passion for understanding the consumer behavior sparked the desire in me to launch a digital marketing agency where I could utilize my expertise and develop tangible solutions and marketing tactics, " narrates, Chaital Shah, Founder and Head of Growth, BuzzzCraft.

The company's foundation is rested on the notion of helping new businesses or startups budge towards advancement. The prime mover made up his mind of providing creative and technological solutions in crafting constructive digital marketing strategies that best suit the business requirements.
BuzzzCraft is dexterous in ministering Digital Marketing, Content Production & Branding activities along with developing software & applications. Brand Strategy, Content Creation & Performance Marketing are the three main disciplines on which it concentrates its interest and activities. The object matter of these endeavours is to help brands enhance their digital presence and gain latitude in every aspect.

"As a digital marketing firm, we offer an array of services, from generating website traffic & leads for their business, to planning and strategize campaigns. Each activity is dedicated towards attracting perceptible business value with maximum ROI on the marketing spend for our clients," adds Chaital. This stature of the company that clings to the present day is the outcome of the painstaking efforts made by its proficient team. They collectively work towards engendering innovative ideas for every unique issue.

Buzzzcraft is dexterous in ministering digital marketing, content production & branding activities along with developing software & applications

"We are fortunate to have the support of such a remarkable team. Each one of us exerts our best effort to accomplish the objective of the company and strive towards acquiring perfection in every manoeuvre. Since content creation is one of our long suits, the team shows shrewd deftness in creating impressive content for its clients," says Chaital.

In just one year, BuzzzCraft has experienced exponential growth. From a team of one person, the company has inflated to a team of 10 people. It has served some big names in the industry with E-com, Fashion, FMCG, Real Estates, Events and many more. One of its greatest achievements in this whole journey is to be an official digital marketing partner for leading national & International events such as IuFost 2018, Prawaas 2019, Agrovision 2018 & 2019 & Pride of India Expo 2020.

The Roadmap
The expansion and growing influence of the digital marketing industry in the ecosystem has made enough space for firms such as BuzzzCraft to make vigorous headways. In such an optimistic atmosphere, Chaital Shah, is all set to observe a 3X growth in the near future. Its objective is to make persistent effort of putting forward creative and technical solutions of the highest quality in digital marketing.