Caanhub: The Home of Local Competitions

Azhan Ahsan,Founder & CEO

Azhan Ahsan, Founder & CEO

The tipping point came when Azhan Ahsan decided to quit his job in the USA and returned to India to pursue his dream venture - Caanhub. Prior to this, he had been working as an Electronic Media professional in New York for seven years. During his tenure, he got an opportunity to work on ‘Cricket All-Stars.’ Tendulkar and Warne made teams of ex-cricketers, where they came down to the US to play three exhibition games in NYC, Houston & LA. “It was a fascinating experience – working on a sporting event. Converting Baseball grounds into Cricket grounds, crowds, broadcasting – it was wonderful,” mentions Azhan.

As time progressed, he got a chance to attend and work on some projects related to NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). “What fascinated me with NCAA was the sheer raw talent it discovers and turns them into these sporting superstars.”

This experience inspired him to start something around sports, talent discovery, and technology back in India. Little did he know the reality! “Initially after coming back, I wanted to create something on the lines of NCAA in India. But, quickly realized that there were several bureaucratic challenges, bottlenecks and too many institutes in between to get something on those lines started,” shares Azhan.
The struggle continued, whereby he visited roughly around 35 universities across the country, North, South, East, and West. Networked with VC’s, Sports heads, students and tried to understand the core problems at the grassroots level. This was just the beginning. “During this endeavor, I came across tons of competitions, organizers, and athletes, especially the young ones. That wanted to make a career in sports but had no clue how to go about it. The most important factor hindering them was financial.”

He adds, “I thought if I can create a platform, which can empower competition organizers & athletes financially, we will be solving a major problem. And thus was born Caanhub.”

Caanhub to the Rescue!
Mumbai based Caanhub missions to empower the amateurs, the mascots of the sporting community and local competition organizers. The company believes that if it helps them rise, it will ripple benefits for the platform automatically. Azhan asserts, “For us, it’s all about Financial & Technological empowerment of every athlete and competition organizer.

We are here to provide #FullPower to every athlete and competition and get sponsors for as many of them as possible. And, all our services are for free.”

Team Caanhub has successfully unraveled the complexities underlying in the path. Right from getting the product ready to marketing amongst its B2C & B2B customers which includes athletes, teams, coaches, academies, tournaments, marketers, agencies, corporates and others.

Caanhub’s product is available worldwide and has acquired users from the USA and Europe as well

They have got desi brands like Patanjali to sponsor competitions signed up on their platform and international car brands like Porsche as well. “That’s how wide-reaching our range is in terms of ability to connect with brands & marketers” says Ahraz. On Caanhub, brands support competitions. “One and only reason for this is great RoI. We help them generate tremendous RoI in three ways – For high volume of teams, athletes and competitions, we offer to our sponsoring partners, secondly, Online & On Ground Reach, and thirdly, Media & Press release,” he says.

This truly makes caanhub, an online sports community that is beyond just a sports management and discovery platform. Its the only holistic sports platform supporting more than 175 sports and activities. Growing steadily, the company soon is going to launch its app and agency services in the US or China – the two biggest markets in the world.