Cacti Legal: A Strikingly Growing Young Firm Revolutionizing the Concept of Virtual Employees Inception

Akhilesh Kumar Rautray,Co-Founder & CEO

Akhilesh Kumar Rautray

Co-Founder & CEO

Flexibility is the future of work, is the belief of Cacti Legal, as stated by Akhilesh who is the Co-Founder and the current CEO of Cacti Legal Services LLP. Established in 2019, Cacti Legal is the brainchild of Akhilesh and he says, "The entrepreneurial dream took the usual path from an Idea getting discussed with likeminded folks, finding the right partners, alliance and guidance, to markings on the White-board and finally Action on the Ground. In the alternate legal services landscape, we saw opportunities in the form of `being future ready', `innovative' and `imaginative' which made us realize solutions to support the future needs and business strategies of organizations and define a win-win growth path for all parties involved.

Every business seeks the Right Talent and Technology at THE RIGHT TIME, and this inspired us to carve out a niche for ourselves in this space. We did thorough primary and secondary market research through surveys, webinars, calls, personal meetings and interacted with more than 150 key stakeholders i.e. CFO's, General Counsel's & Law Firm Partners in India and globally to understand the current workforce requirement and assess the future readiness of the companies and firms. Numbers and surveys show that the organized flexi-staffing in India is likely to employ around 9 million workforce by the year 2025. We are prepared for the same".

Cacti Legal's vision is to create the right platforms and solutions to support the flexi and remote working ecosystem of India. Provide opportunities to the large talent base of India which is either unable to re-locate or leave home or unable to work full time owing to various personal reasons and responsibilities. In this era of technological advancement and changing work order, a well laid out platform shall bridge the gap between Right Talent & Right Job.

TaaS (Talent as a Service);
Cacti Legal has defined its focussed specialization around its unique and trademark service i.e., TaaS - (Talent as a Service). TaaS focuses on flexi and remote working solutions. This is not a vanilla staffing or recruitment activity, rather it focuses on helping its clients in building the right resourcing model that is flexible,
builttolast and to cater to the changing workforce needs and market forces. More than 1000 legal, finance and procurement professionals across India make up the Talent pool of Cacti Legal.

Global Law Firm Management Services;
Another unique offering of Cacti Legal in the alternate legal service space, is the global law firm network created and managed by Cacti Legal to support the legal requirements of India Inc. across the globe. Cacti Legal has created its global law firm network of specialized law firms and individual attorneys across 35 countries in APAC, Europe, LATAM, USA & MEA and plans to take it to 100 this year. Under this service model Cacti Legal project manages the legal service between the India client and the global law firms.

Compliance Management Services; Under the Man-aged Services bouquet, Cacti Legal provides customized Compliance & Contract Management Services and Legal / Financial Services (Virtual CFO / GC Office), including services around regulatory enforcement management, auditing and litigation support.

Cacti Legal has created its global law firm network of specialized law firms and individual attorneys across 35 countries in APAC, Europe, LATAM, USA & MEA and plans to take it to 100 this year

Legal Tech;
Cacti Legal has its own in-house technology team that works on legal automation solutions. The team primarily focuses on apt technology solutions around compliance management, contracts management and legal operations. While Cacti Legal has developed some of its own in-house technology, it shall focus more on a Co-Build model with its client rather than pushing an off the shelf product that's rigid.

Cacti's core leadership team consists of Akhilesh who is a law graduate from Symbiosis Law College, Pune and spent 15 years of his career in the General Counsel office across industries. Prior to starting the dream venture named Cacti Legal, Akhilesh worked with PwC India as an Associate Director in Mumbai. Akhilesh focuses on designing legal solutions and business development with an eye on operations. Nitin who is the other Partner is an Engineer from National Institute of Technology followed by a Masters in Business Management from Mumbai. Nitin oversees the management and day to day operations at Cacti Legal. Saurabh Kumar an IITian leads the technological innovations and imaginations at Cacti Legal. The team closely works together to deliver niche and affordable solutions to its clients in accordance with the company's visions and roadmap."

The Beginning
Cacti Legal's journey has been incredible and striking. In a span of 2 years since inception, Cacti Legal has delivered more than 30 assignments in India and globally with marquee clientele consisting of multinational consulting firms (Big 4), to Indian pharma and tech giants to global law firms and global manufacturers based in India. Revenue has gone up two fold from year one to year two. Client acquisition and Global Law Firm / Attorney partner-ships have also doubled and looks promising. Cacti Legal is geared up for a huge leap of a 5x growth and rise in the ensuing Fiscal Year (21-22). Cacti Legal's plan of action for the coming year is to strengthen, train and mentor its Talent pool and create new global law firm partnerships with an aim of solidifying the established centred areas rather than adding new capabilities. Cacti Legal believes that systemic growth is finer than fragmented growth.