CallDoctor: Stabilizing Home Healthcare Services

The by gone practice of the house call doctors is brought back by Dr. Minhaz Hussain, reckoned as the pioneer of the doctor on call concept in the Emirate of Dubai. Having spent more than 17 years in the medical field, he has not only mastered the skills and understanding of the industry but has also tracked down the edgy situations patients are caught up in while essaying medical care. The existing set of circumstances inspired him to take constructive measures to enhance the healthcare system by laying the ground work for doctor on all concept in the Emirate of Dubai. Cohering to the very theory, he established CallDoctor a safe and convenient multi specialty home healthcare company that encompasses well trained staffs and professionals such as General Practitioners, Referring Specialists, Registered Nurses, Registered Physiotherapists. “The medical scenario has got wide latitude which can be resorted to solve the difficulties bothering both patients and doctors. CallDoctor is an endeavour taken provides people a platform which can simplify the process of availing medical services,” avers Minhaz, Chairman and Founder, CallDoctor.

CallDoctor gives a new dimension to the home healthcare activity entailed great effort of the polished minds

The Development
The idea of giving a new dimension to the home healthcare activity entailed great effort of the polished minds. The team of CallDoctor efficiently organized all the contrivance required for the smooth sailing of the company. To successfully carry out every manoeuvre, they keep an active check on their managements from communication lines to smooth transport system and from use of safe, effective and broad spectrum medicines to conducting proper referral systems for further assistance.
Dr. Minhaz Hussain, Chairman & Founder

Dr. Minhaz Hussain

Chairman & Founder

The doctors working in this organization have recourse to distinctive yet customised provisions of medical care to treat individual requirements. And the fact that the company confers on time medical care to patients in their own comfort zone where they feel safe and at ease, makes it one of the most preferred healthcare setting. As he adds, “Giving shape to the concept of CallDoctor involved extensive team work. They appear as a bridge between healthcare and the triage system. We make sure to maintain confidentiality at any cost”

It offers extensive range of services which can be enumerated as Doctor Consultation services, Nursing Services, Physiotherapy and can arrange Ambulance Services, and International Patient Transfers among others. All services and effective treatment are available at cheap and cheerful rates. Furthermore, keeping in mind the comfort level of patients, the company has made special arrangements such 24/7 X 365 days availability of male & female doctors, multilingual staff proficient in Arabic, English,
Hindi, Russian and other languages.

The Growth and Future Endeavours
The company’s success rate can be measured considering the number of clients and the popularity it has gained in a short span of time. It has extended its services to other emirates of UAE. With the believe that proper execution and implementation of values and strategies can help an organization catch the sight of success, CallDoctor is all geared up to conduct some detailed research and study and implement them to establish worthy home health care, producing effective and cost-effective treatment without compromising the quality of health care. The company’s intention is to reach out all kinds of people and expand services to all emirates in UAE within the shortest possible time.