CALLIFY.AI: Leading Voice AI based Calling & Qualifying Platform With Seamless Efficiency

Deepanti Kavi,COOAutoing high volume interactions have become necessity; it helps human professionals work faster and more effectively. It also helps address many manual tasks without needing any human intervention, especially ones with low complexity requests which are often the case. Currently, there are 40 million+ HR professionals listed globally on LinkedIn, with 240+ billion phone interactions happening annually. Unfortunately, almost 80 Percent of these efforts proved to be without any meaningful output to the recruiters leading to approximately 200 billion wasted interactions., launched in 2016, a leader in the voice AI based calling and qualifying domain, aims to eliminate this wastage globally and help release trillions of dollars to the world GDP.

Callify helps working professionals intelligently automate high volume phone interactions that saves over 80 percent of daily unproductive time. During the last five years, Callify has majorly dominated the Talent Acquisition and HR segment, where large amounts of interactions happen between recruitment/HR professionals and jobseekers/employees on a daily basis. Within recruitment, Callify eliminates huge unproductive time wasted due to manual tasks (calling, screening, scheduling, messaging, and on-boarding) leading to poor

shortlisting and offer-drop-offs. However, even though the phone interactions are automated, the last mile of interactions happened in the caller’s own voice. According to Deepanti Kavi, Chief Operating Officer, “Automation and AI will eventually become a commodity, but the need for human-touch in interactions will only become more premium. At Callify, our endeavor is to retain human touch, while delivering benefits of technology for high efficiencies”.

Callify has been developed on iDOS architecture which has key components like Voice Tech, Speech-to-Text AI, Natural Language Understanding, Semantic Matching and behavioral data driven algorithms. One of the biggest
USPs of Callify is that having done over 35 million interactions with every interaction resulting in over 30 different behavioral attributes and thus with over one billion data points, Callify is able to make accurate predictions about best time to call and follow-ups. Recruiters can use Callify to set up campaigns in very easy steps — Record the messaging in their own voice on Callify, Share the data of the people they wish to reach-out, and Set criteria for the most ideal profile of responses and you are done.

“At Callify, our endeavor is to retain human touch, while delivering benefits of technology for high efficiencies”

Callify’s core team consists of experienced B2B enterprise professionals, who have worked with large global enterprises in the US, UK and India.Deepanti is joined by industry veterans as core team of Callify with Chetan Indap (CEO) having over 20 years in Business Management area and Akbar Ibrahim (CTO) with expertise in building technology products on cutting- edge platforms. As the COO, Deepanti manages customer success, management, product management
and customer retention.

Collectively, the core team has over 50 person-years of work experience between them. Among the major clientele that Callify has, some key clients include EY, Genpact, Infosys, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Pitney Bowes, Philips, Bosch, Capgemini, Allegis, WNS, Accenture, Byjus and many others.

Callify’s immediate vision is to get to $10 million ARR and then optimize to scale to $100 million in ARR in the next 3-5 years. Post that, the next growth phase will come from developed markets especially from North America. Callify has established an office in the US and plans to target 30-40 percent of its revenue from the North American markets with specific targets in US, Canada and Mexico.