Cals Renewable Energy: Enhancing The Standards Of Renewable Energy Sector In India

Arul Balan. R,DirectorRenewable energy is anticipated to play a significant role as India attempts to fulfill its own energy requirements, which is predicted to reach 15,820 TWh by 2040. Northern India is anticipated to emerge as India's center for renewable energy, with a potential capacity of 363 GW and laws that are geared towards the industry. Cals Renewables, established in December 2021, is a company that specializes in creating utility-scale wind and solar, rooftop, solar pump, commercial and industrial solar, and wind projects in India.

Since its inception a short 1.5 years ago, Cals has completed 25 Megawatts solar power projects, and is currently working to increase the capacity to 30 megawatts. In addition to this, the company is also providing operational maintenance for the projects delivered.

Cals offers a range of services encompassing Wind Energy Development Projects, Solar Energy Development Projects, Solar Rooftop, Industrial & Solar Pump Projects, Power Transmission & Distribution Projects, Infrastructure & Manpower Assignment for Windmill Erection, Commercial & Industrial Power Market, and Government Relations & Regulatory Affairs.
“At Cals, we aim to be a solution offering firm, capable of executing quality and valuable projects to our customers, society and the environment.
Cals acts as lead technical counsel, advising on the full range of issues for projects and transmissions. The team provides specialist expertise across all phases of a project. We advise on the regulatory regime for the renewable power sector, including licensing requirements, regulation of generation, transmission, distribution and supply and trading arrangements”, shares Arul Balan, Director, Cals Renewable Energy India Private Limited.

Bringing over two decades of experience to the table, Arul and his team are offering services with a commitment to providing the best end-results. As a result of this keen attention to providing the best services, Cals is able to keep customers happy which has led the business to stand out in the eyes of customers and gain a lot of business through referrals. This has also enabled the firm to branch out of Tamil Nadu and start expanding into Maharashtra, currently offering about 50 Megawatts of power.

Since its inception a short 1.5 years ago, cals has completed 25 megawatts solar power projects, and is currently working to increase the capacity to 30 megawatts

“I have a background in renewable energy with an experience of more than 22 years which makes it easy to connect with the customers and increases their trust in my capability. This also gives Cals an edge as I am able to easily access clients and present my proposals in a more effective manner. Another thing in our favor is that our proposals are not vague. We make sure that all our numbers, the quality and quantity of work done, the kind of technology, and materials we use, the team’s experience, costs, and more are all detailed to provide complete transparency”, further shares Arul.

Future Roadmap
With the aim to reach a capacity of 100 Megawatts, with plans and proposals to attain 250 Megawatts PAN India, Cals is focusing on Wind EPC and Solar EPC sectors. As the company continues to build trust with stakeholders and potential clients, Cals is also working to continually expand its scale of services and capacity for energy generation, taking one step at a time to establish credibility in this highly competitive industry. As the scope of the industry expands and technology continues to evolve, the firm is gearing up to leverage all resources at hand to help accomplish its goals for development in the coming years.