Calus: Switching ON the Better & Smarter Life

Het Bhavsar, Director

Het Bhavsar


Het Bhavsar, a young and energetic mind who was vigilant about the things around him, observed one old lady his neighbour, who was finding hard to carry out daily tasks. The scenario prompted him to help her not just with a temporary solution but with a permanent one. In 2017, when there was complete shift towards digital life with online shopping and door step services. He thought of using the advancements in technology to ease the daily tasks by automating them that could not only help his neighbour but also many others in need. With a lot of determination and commitment, he surveyed the industrial aspects, understood that the market is at the nascent stage but it is intrinsically strong and futuristic. Having a clear mindset to make a difference in the market by helping people to enjoy a better life, he builds a small team and established Calus A full service agency that offers simple, effective and easy-to-use automation systems to enable smart homes.

The bootstrapped company began its operation with a minimal amount of funds and limited resources. "The initial days were hard we had to invest a lot of time and effort to build a strong base. We were just
manufacturing hardware and selling them to maintain the revenue cycle, which helped us in understanding the market and have a stable income," says Het Bhavsar, Founder, Calus.

Calus is a system that is capable of automating a three BHK home within the budget ranging from 20k to 30k.

Overcoming the hurdles and obstacle,Calus at present has now entered into full scale manufacturing and built a budget friendly home automation system called `Calus' An electronic machinery box the retrofits the existing switch box. Powered by advanced AI features, the product can be operated from any part of the world. Any issues in terms of connectivityor others the system would automatically inform the customer and the company as well. It supports Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, and other third party devices as well.

This flagship offering can with stand up to four devices as a load for one socket circuit. In order to make automation as an affordable luxury, the company has strived to build a solution that is accessible to commoners. Today, they have manufactured a system that is capable of automating a three BHK home within the budget ranging from 20k to 30k. Highlighting the product details, he exclaims, "Our automation system doesn't require any extra wiring to be done for the configuration. It supports all basic appliances and the clients need not buy any amenities like smart light.

"He further adds,"Currently, we are focusing on the B2B segment and we have a great measure of traction around that area of operation. We got a good result from various big builders and construction companies in Hyderabad and other places as well. Working with dealers and customers across India launch this product in the upcoming month."

At present, the company is in talks with Tuya A US-China headquartered organization that builds smart devices based on IoT. It is on the verge to join hands with them to build a cleaning robot that would be priced around eight to nine thousand. Calus is also expanding its presence to the UAE and the US in the years coming forth.