Calypso Essential Oils: Where Purity Meets Passion, Elevating Fragrance to a Higher Art

  Akshar Kanvatirth,     Managing Partner

Akshar Kanvatirth

Managing Partner

In the fragrant realm of natural remedies, the essential oil industry has experienced an upsurge in popularity, as modern consumers fervently embrace natural and holistic approaches to nurture their health and well being, prompting a diverse range of startups to emerge. These passionate ventures are dedicated to crafting innovative products that cater to the ever-evolving demands. In this fragrant landscape, one brand stands out as a virtuoso-Calypso Essential Oils, with their unwavering commitment over a decade, the firm has become a trailblazer in distributing and producing pure, potent essences. Calypso’s profound impact resonates throughout the industry, captivating both seasoned enthusiasts and new comers a like, as they conduct a harmonious revolution.

Calypso Essential Oils, a third generation family business deeply entrenched in the art of fragrances and flavors since 1982, has embraced a noble calling. With a heavy heart, witnessing the plight of farmers in India succumbing to poverty and crop failures, the firm ventured into the realm of essential oils, seeking to support both industrial needs and the struggling farming community. Calypso also boasts an avant-garde R&D division, delving into the uncharted waters of indoor hydroponics, meticulously testing aromatic crops themselves before engaging in contract manufacturing with farmers. “We have been working for years with farmers and collectors. With each passing year, our network continues to blossom, ever eager
to explore products and collaborate with emerging producers. We conduct extensive assessments of all suppliers and use farm visits to establish their capabilities”, speaks Akshar Kanvatirth, Managing Partner.

The firm proudly presents a vast and encompassing collection of all natural essential oils, aromatherapy oils, carrier oils, and fragrances meticulously curated to suit the needs of both B2B and B2C ventures. “Among our most coveted offerings, Palmarosa Oil and Lemongrass Oil reign supreme, as they are meticulously cultivated, distilled, and processed within our own domains”, says Akshar. With an unwavering dedication to compliance, Calypso adheres rigorously to each stage of the production process, from farmer cultivation to clean harvesting, processing, and storage. The firm’s paramount strategy lies in the pillars of clarity and quality, where it firmly rejects any shortcuts, adulteration, or unscrupulous practices that compromise the integrity of its products. “Profits may tempt, but we remain resolute, forging an unwavering path towards purity, ensuring that every drop of Calypso's essence captivates with its untainted allure”, adds Akshar.

With determination, Calypso carves a path toward a future where the world is enriched by the captivating allure of its offerings

In the quest to establish itself as the fresh face on the block, Calypso firmly believes that having the right individuals, driven by the right mindset, can unlock limitless possibilities. Calypso also goes the extra mile by fostering a culture of continuous learning through enrollment in new technical courses, empowering the team to grow both personally and professionally. Behind the scenes, the core team is anchored by the expertise of the CEO’s mother, who leads quality control and operations. “We extend our heart felt gratitude to Rajesh Yadav, whose contributions to online marketing and technological advancements have played a pivotal role in propelling our company forward”, says Akshar.

As Calypso embarks on the journey ahead, it sets its sights on expanding the portfolio, encompassing a wider range of essential oils, while simultaneously venturing into new markets across Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The firm’s commitment to authenticity drives it to provide nonadulterated materials, preserving the pristine reputation of the country and offering customers an unwavering assurance of purity. Calypso’s pursuit of excellence aspires to extend its offerings to include perfumes and aromatherapy oils, meticulously packaged in retail formats, allowing customers to luxuriate in the benefits of clean and natural products.