Cambionix Innovations: Leaders in Automations and Robotics

Abhishek Balasubramaniam & Varun Rufus Raj,Co-FoundersA Robotics & Automation start-up, Cambionix Innovations provides various solutions in industrial and home automation. The company’s forte lies in robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, embedded systems& IoT. As pioneers in the design and development of robotic applications, Cambionix's projects involve a wide range of application spectrum from industrial robots to personal assisting robots and humanoids. “We are experts in IoT and system integration. We have projects in System and machine tool automation for various machines & equipment” mentions Abhishek Balasubramaniam, Co-founder, Cambionix Innovations.

Abhishek Balasubramaniam, Co-Founder

Cambionix was founded by two engineers - Abhishek Balasubramaniam & Varun Rufus Raj Samuel who were self-driven and fascinated towards robotics and automation. “The lack of automation in the small and medium scale industries inspired us to provide cost-efficient and reliable solutions for the industries,” says Varun.
The company offers customized solutions based on the client’s requirements. It aims at automating existing products without disturbing its originality. “We achieve this by introducing various new techniques such as introducing external units that are compact, cost-efficient and reliable. We offer unique solutions in terms of AI and mission vision and these benefits the client by increasing their productivity and efficiency,” informs Varun.

"Team Cambionix got their first project by the end of January 2018 where they developed a prototype on industrial automation"

The Initial days at Cambionix
The lack of adaptivity from traditional methods to automation by several sectors where people think that automation can kill employment is one of the major concerns that Cambionix faced during their initial days. The team soon was able to surpass this by providing automation to existing systems without modifying its originality. “Initially we struggled a bit to create an impact about our services to our customers. Various factors such as level of expertise and financial background to run a project were tested by various clients which took us 4 months to overcome and establish ourselves as a reliable source for automation services in Chennai,” he says.

Team Cambionix got their first project by the end of January 2018 where they developed a prototype on industrial automation. “We started with 2 employees in 2017 and now we have a team of 10 passionate engineers working on 5 projects,” he mentions.

The expert team at Cambionix leaves no stone unturned to provide renewable solution along with after-
market services that benefit the customers. Being a dynamic and young company, it maintains a close and healthy relationship with the clients and consultants. Varun says,“We tailor our work to fit the clients’ requirements and yet ensure flexibility at all levels keeping quality as the highest priority. We promise to deliver consummate credibility, extensive expertise and a proven partnership approach at every step of the way.”

Varun Rufus Raj, Co-Founder

The Growth Story
Since its inception, Cambionix has substantially grown in terms of revenue, workforce and clients. The initial stages of growth were a bit tough but eventually, it has improved in both revenue and technology. Mentored by Mr. Kaliaperumal Arumugam, Director, Business intelligence at Electronic Arts(EA), Cambionix team is now closely working with their investor (Data Insights LLC, Texas USA) on a unique project which is scheduled to be launched by end of this year. “Automation is going to be in full swing around the world. We should gear up to face it and improve ourselves to be competitive. We have to adapt to the fast transition towards automation in order to improve the productivity,” the team concludes.