Candour Turnkey Solutions: Designing & Developing Innovative Spaces

Hitesh Kumar,Partner, COO

Hitesh Kumar

Partner, COO

A Bangalore based company that specialises in total building solutions and brings the best domestic and international expertise for building and interior requirements is what aptly describes Candour Turnkey Solutions. Founded by a group of like -minded people with over 80 years of combined experience, Candour has built a reputation for excellence by creating practical working solutions in various building environments - both interior and civil to bring about the best possible outcome for their clients.

Candour aims to achieve the most cost-effective, high-quality and timely results for the clients. “Our major challenges in this industry are wastage and project complexity. With Candour’s no nonsense approach and belief of openness and honesty, we aim to provide our clients with value engineered solutions to reduce and minimise wastage of any kind and focusing on a Zero Defect result and above all transparency in our work and timely delivery of project,” explains Hitesh Kumar, Partner, COO,
Candour Turnkey Solutions.

Being a young company in this space, initially gaining exposure and reach along with training the team to look at projects from a different angle was no less than a task. By using the best of both international and local practices, using the right tools and materials for the job, and training the team to implement with correct methodologies, Candour soon was able to carve a niche for itself in the market being known for efficiency as well as practical solutions to complex problems. “Although the entire experience has been a great learning to the team and we have grown to meet the expectation set by management, the road for improvement is a continuous process,” avers Hitesh.

" With a no nonsense approach and belief of openness and honesty, Candour aims to provide our clients with value engineered solutions to reduce and minimise wastage of any kind and focusing on a Zero Defect result"

With a creative team with the passion for designing& developing innovative spaces, Candour is now actively promoting one of their unique products named Cargotecture (shipping container architecture). The Cargotecture facilities can be fabricated off site and shipped to site in a 95 percent complete state leaving very little work to be done at site. “Depending on the complexity of the design, containers can be a stand alone, single container outlet or multiple
containers joined and stacked together. Catgotecture is not limited to a 40’x8’ container but there are endless configurations only limited by our imagination,” Hitesh says.

The company has already worked with some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project. “We have recently completed the office and factory for Sun Mobility Pvt. Ltd, a company in the forefront of electric transportation solutions,” he informs. For PVR, one of India’s largest Multiplex chains, team Candour has recently installed an electronic air purification system which is currently under testing.

From Good to Great
Candour began its journey 2017, a time when the development market in South India was one of the slowest. Due to perseverance and constant hard work, the company has survived the hard times and is continuously growing. Hitesh mentions, “Although we did not meet our projections for the first year, we are on the right track and 2018 has a bright future ahead. Currently we are ahead of our projections for this year by more than 25 percent.”

Candour's next venture is to dive into the hospitality sector and the team has been building a division for F&B to run in parallel with their commercial and retail division. “We are now looking to expand into other cities in the south and we should open our office in the second city by this August,” he concludes.