Canopus-GBS: Establishing Benchmarks to Standardize IT Service/Solutions Deliverability for Digital Transformation

Sanjeev Tyagi ,Chief Digital Officer

Sanjeev Tyagi

Chief Digital Officer

The digital transformation has fundamentally altered how businesses function across all industries. For the most part, the transformation over the last two decades has resulted in enhanced efficiency, superior business agility, and, finally, the release of unique value for employees, customers, and shareholders.

While there are continuous advancements in digital technology aspects, the successful adoption of these emerging technologies remains a challenge for many companies, owing to a number of key factors such as improper alignment of technology strategy with business goals, a lack of in-house resources, silos of IT systems lacking enterprise-level integration, threats to data protection, and security compliance.

This is where Canopus-GBS has carved a niche for itself as a reputed digital transformation catalyst partner who has been simplifying and accelerating clients' digital transformation journey by leveraging technology innovation as the enabler. Canopus-GBS, founded in 2014, has developed from SAP Experts to Digital Transformation Catalysts, embracing Technology Innovation as an enabler to bring service value to our global customers.

Canopus-GBS is a specialist organization that provides Digital Transformation Services with exceptional service delivery, enabling automation-led migration and intelligent operations for end-to-end IT landscapes - all under a single SLA.
Canopus-GBS has grown from a trusted partner for mission-critical SAP services to a trusted partner for other IT services, including Enterprise Applications, multi-cloud challenging migration, process automation, and managed Infrastructure & Security solutions.

Canopus-GBS has been assisting customers in their digital transformation journey by combining technological breakthroughs with its service-oriented approach to delivering commercial value to businesses. The capabilities of the company's service offering have been built across four core pillars to provide single responsibility with future-ready solutions for our customers. Canopus-GBS has established its in-house automation product capabilities through ongoing attention and investment in producing Smartcare for intelligent operations across business IT Estates.

"We completely handhold our clients on their digital journey right from analyzing, planning, and migrating, to managing all the IT processes. We begin by analyzing current IT estate, understanding business drivers, identifying gaps, then defining the most appropriate IT plan & roadmap, then designing, implementing, and testing target setup, transition services, and data, enabling service automation and managing in-life support," says Sanjeev Tyagi, Chief Digital Officer at Canopus-GBS.

"Driving automation is at the core of our service delivery, we have developed our in-house designed solution called VEGA to automate & simplify the management of SAP & IT estate from a support & functional enhancement perspective. We concentrate on value creation through technology-centric CoEs with around 300 certified specialists on technical & functional modules, matured processes & proven methodology for SAP & Cloud solutions to deliver high-quality services, minimizing migration risk & business benefits realization. We use an agile strategy to match the client's budget and timeframe," he adds.

A Single-Window Solution
Canopus-GBS service/solutions capabilities include Digital Enterprise Apps (SAP Technical, SAP Functional, MS Dynamics), Digital Infrastructure (Multi-Cloud & Hybrid Infrastructure, Datacenter Modernization & Consolidation, Network - SD-WAN, LAN & WiFi, Unified Communication & Collaboration), Digital Trust (VAPT Service, Data Protection & Recovery, Infrastructure & Network Security, Cyber SoC), Digital Intelligence (Process Automation & RPA, Data Analytics, IoT SMART Solutions).

"We strive to be the most innovative and customer-focused IT consulting solution provider. We will continue to improve and enhance the level of service we provide to our clients by providing them with competent resources. We aspire to consistently set benchmarks and improve the quality of IT services we provide to consumers," concludes Sanjeev.