Canvazo: Inspiring Creativity, One Brushstroke at a Time

 Siddharth Gal & Tanay Gala,   Co-FoundersIn recent years, a new trend has emerged in the corporate landscape: the rise of start-ups in the arts and crafts sector. The global arts and crafts market size is estimated to range from $43.4 billion in 2023 to $79.3 billion in 2030 at 8.96 percent CAGR. These innovative ventures, spanning a variety of creative disciplines, have captured the imagination of consumers worldwide. From handmade goods to artisanal creations, these startups have carved out a niche in the market by offering unique, customizable and often sustainably produced products. Canvazo is a standout player specializing in high-quality art supplies. The firm aims to revolutionize the art and craft market by enabling artists of all levels to unleash their creativity without compromise by making art supplies easily available in every corner of the country at the best prices.

Established by a family with a rich retail heritage in 1973, Canvazo has become a prominent player in the online art supplies market. Recognizing the potential of e-commerce, the firm transitioned its local store into a national platform, bridging the gap between artists and quality materials. “Our mission, born during the lockdown, is to democratize access to premium art supplies nationwide, particularly in underserved areas. We offer a diverse range of products, including renowned brands and imports from international markets, catering to artists of all levels”, speaks Tanay, Co-Founder and CFO. The firm’s inventory encompasses various mediums, from sketching tools to paints and canvases of different sizes. Through
logistical expertise, Canvazo ensures seamless access to essential tools, fostering a vibrant creative community.

The firm meticulously curates a comprehensive selection of art supplies to meet the diverse needs of artists, from toddlers to professionals. The firm offering includes grippy crayons for youngsters and premium water colors for seasoned artists. It enables artists to buy acrylic paints, oil paints, oil painting mediums, watercolors, watercolor papers, sketching supplies, resin art supplies, pastels, brushes, and painting accessories all in one place. The best part is one could buy a single tube of paint or a single brush that they might need and not have to purchase an entire set thereby saving a lot of money.

The firm offers school essentials like colored pencils and poster colors from trusted brands like Camel, alongside specialized tools such as sketch pens and fabric markers. Upholding a commitment to quality, Canvazo exclusively stocks products from reputable brands like Winsor & Newton, Arteza, Liquitex, Canson, Fabriano, Arches, and many more.

Canvazo aims to consolidate its presence in the market while ensuring customer satisfaction & convenience remain paramount

Innovating Art Supplies, Revolutionizing Convenience

Canvazo underscores the fundamental role of technology across its operational spectrum. From crafting strategic marketing campaigns via online platforms to facilitating efficient order processing and tracking, technology remains integral to its operations. The company actively engages in social media promotions, sponsors competitions, and collaborates with artists for events to expand its clientele. Despite formidable competition from industry giants like Amazon and Flipkart, Canvazo remains committed to becoming the premier destination for art supplies.

The firm is dedicated to becoming the definitive destination for individuals seeking art and stationery supplies, striving to be the foremost choice in their creative pursuits. With a forward-looking roadmap, Canvazo aims to expand its product offerings beyond art supplies to encompass a wide range of categories including school supplies, writing pens, luxury pens, gifting sets, and aesthetically pleasing stationery. “By offering a comprehensive selection of high-quality products, we seek to streamline the shopping experience for our customers, eliminating the need to search elsewhere”, says Siddharth Gala, Co-Founder. Canvazo aims to be the ultimate destination for artistic and stationery needs, offering a one-stop shop experience through strategic expansion and a dedication to excellence.