Cape Agency: Creating an all Encompassing Ecosystem for Businesses to Thrive

MC Manoj,  CEOMarketing and branding executives are facing some of the most difficult internal and external issues they have ever faced. The Covid-19 pandemic has pinched budgets, and fractured teams, and highlighted significant skill shortages in an age already defined by upheaval and that's just inside the marketing function. Nevertheless, businesses are expected to generate continuous creativity and innovation in these challenging circumstances.

Cape Agency is a one-stop solution provider for all of your marketing, branding, public relations, meme marketing, video creation, ORM, and advertising requirements. The company's flagship service is Online Reputation Management (ORM), wherein, it has built a robust ecosystem that regularly listens to the public via open channels and collects data to analyze the brand. Cape Agency provides reliable and data-driven solutions using credible numbers and tried-and-true methodologies.

“We enjoy sharing stories. Every brand has a unique backstory. We're here to help! We wanted to build an advertising and marketing business that could tell amazing stories and provide exceptional craftsmanship at every level. Cape believes in the aim of developing an agency full of creative spirits. Our goal is to make Cape a global platform for Integrated Marketing Communications”, says MC Manoj, CEO, Cape Agency.

“We integrate and work on all critical tangents to offer complete support to our clients. We believe that our work speaks for itself. We hold on to the feedback of our customers and always upgrade ourselves", he adds.

Cape Agency has been a pioneer in bringing public relations to the digital realm. For Cape Agency, public relations extends beyond the physical world and includes internet footprints. The company's ORM service is one-of-a-kind since it provides data-driven solutions. Furthermore, the company is backed by a team of seasoned professionals, making it an ideal team to work with. One can be certain of receiving the greatest services from top-tier pros.

Cape Agency's team has already created an AI tool for social media marketing & is currently working on a Marketing AI tool to assist in taking the marketing game to the next level

Cape Agency's team has already created an AI tool for social media marketing and is currently working on a Marketing AI tool to assist in taking the marketing game to the next level. The entire team is eager and excited to integrate technology throughout operations in order to stay ahead of the curve while fostering necessary innovation.

Spearheading the company, MC Manoj believes in offering a safe and encouraging working environment. This has worked out well for the team as a whole. MC Manoj is not a fan of micromanagement. Individuals spirits are kept high through regular prizes and recognition in a healthy work environment. "We encourage and support our employees' growth and learning. "We subsidize their upskilling efforts and also bring in industry experts to provide insights into the changes and knowledge transfer. Along with monetary flexibility, we provide a creative space for our team to adapt and thrive", says MC Manoj.

As a young and vibrant startup, there are always challenges. But these challenges have helped Cape Agency evolve and garner its expertise. Going forward, Cape Agency intends to expand to more locations, including Bangalore and Hyderabad. The workforce strength is also increasing in tandem with acquisition of new projects. “We are now keen on incorporating a space where AI and human potentials work hand in hand to bring out the best results. As of now, we offer around 12 services and we are keen on expanding our services too. In the coming months, we aim at having a broader client base with the international brand on the list", concludes MC Manoj.