Caprico Facilities Services: Setting New Benchmarks in Facility Management through Quality, Commitment & Expertise

  Udayakumar. D,   Managing Director

Udayakumar. D

Managing Director

The facility management market in India is witnessing significant growth, showcasing its potential in the business sphere. Estimated to surge to $97.29 billion by 2028, with a robust CAGR of 14.84 percent. Concurrently, facility management startups are pivotal, revolutionizing maintenance and management by integrating technologies like IoT, AI, and data analytics for optimized efficiency. Despite the promising trajectory, challenges persist, including fierce market competition, securing adequate funding for tech adoption and expansion, regulatory compliance, scalability constraints and adapting to evolving technologies and customer preferences. In this challenging landscape, Caprico Facilities Services stands out as a problem solver, offering flexible solutions through self-delivery models and specialist services provided by strategic supply chain partners.

Transforming Facility Management Experience
Established in 2006, Caprico Facilities Services began as a small enterprise, offering HR Manpower Services, small-scale Construction Activities, and Electrical & LPG gas pipeline Projects. Evolving into a Private Limited Company, it now provides pre-construction and post-construction Facilities Management Services for Residential and Commercial Complexes. Caprico prioritizes cost-effective, customized Facility Management solutions with a process-driven approach and a dedicated workforce. The company values respect for clients, suppliers, and internal collaboration, focusing on safety and sustainability. Caprico's core values
include continuous improvement, teamwork, and pride in service delivery. “We take pride in exemplary service delivery while strictly adhering to government statutory compliance requirements, show casing a commitment to excellence and ethical practices”, speaks Udayakumar. D, Managing Director.

The firm excels in specialized, premium services, enhancing overall quality of life. The firm’s Housekeeping ensures impeccable facility maintenance using skilled professionals and advanced equipment. Landscaping and Gardening blend aesthetics with functionality for enriched outdoor spaces. Plumbing Maintenance optimizes water supply and sanitation in apartments. Swimming Pool Maintenance guarantees a clean, safe environment through regular upkeep. Caprico’s Electrical Maintenance prioritizes safety and efficiency, covering design, installation, and ongoing maintenance. “We also offer comprehensive STP/WTP services, addressing installation, maintenance, repair, and optimization for efficient water treatment. Our End-to-End services encompass maintenance, cleaning, security, and facility management for apartments and commercial complexes, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced convenience”, says Shobha Babu, Director. Emphasizing safety, the firm’s security services encompass manned guarding, patrols, access control, CCTV surveillance, and emergency response within Bangalore.

Upholding High Standards with Expertise
Caprico Facilities Services, under the guidance of Udayakumar. D, Managing Director, and Shobha Babu, Director with an MBA in HR and marketing, embody a proficient team. Shobha's journey initially in HR consulting and later in construction, emphasized maintenances pivotal role, leading to a strategic shift to facility management during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the adversity, exemplary services were rendered, fuelling business growth. The Caprico team comprises seasoned professionals with over two decades of experience in maintenance and project support services. Technical expertise and stringent adherence to best practices ensure consistent high-quality services in cleaning, security, and maintenance, aligning with Service Level Agreements and Key Performance Indicators for optimal client satisfaction.

The firm is carving a proactive roadmap, emphasizing preventive maintenance. Currently managing 300 employees across 30 sites daily, the focus is on averting potential issues. Addressing vulnerabilities such as underground wiring during heavy rainfall, before escalation, underscores this strategic foresight. Extending this approach to all divisions cultivates a proactive culture. Furthermore, Caprico aims to surpass 500 employees within the year, creating job opportunities and enhancing service delivery to various sectors. The ultimate goal is to establish Caprico as a distinguished competitor, Driven by quality, professionalism, and societal enhancement in the facility management sector.