CarbonMinus: A Pioneering Business that is at the Forefront of Latest Innovations in Renewable Energy Sector

Ashok Kumar, Director Operations

Ashok Kumar

Director Operations

Many experts believe that the advancements made by a civilization can be correlated to the energy they control as well as the technology they create. As the world is entering a new norm and is preparing itself for the post-pandemic world, it is high time that we prioritize on renewable energy so as to move forward in an environment friendly manner. One company that has made impressive strides within a short span of time in the Indian green energy space is Carbon Minus. This pioneering green energy startup strives to facilitate mass adoption of Affordable, Reliable and Clean Energy by utilising idle yet available infrastructure. With a vision to achieve universal access to affordable, reliable and clean power, in order to bring Nature & Development into a perfect harmony, CarbonMinus aims to be a catalyst of change in the renewable energy segment of the country. Owing to the quality and innovativeness of their offerings, the company has not only been able to build a positive reputation in the industry but they have also been able to create a niche in the market.

Born with a mission to achieve mass adoption of solar based power generation at zero upfront cost to the end user, leading to distributed production and distributed use of green power, CarbonMinus was first incubated in 2021 at IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. The company started with a three kilowatt residential project costing Rs.1.5 lakhs and now they have grown into a significant presence in the market by
generating a revenue of 5.4 crores in just seven months. The company has also completed 120+ kW installation in less than five months for over 24 C&I clients. “We intend to generate energy at the consumption site and to cater to the varied requirements of our clients, we have created a diversified portfolio. As of now apart from rooftop residential projects, we are also working on commercial, rural, cartop, institutional, industrial and public utilities projects as well. We aspire to be a one stop solution provider for our clients and to ensure that we hand hold our clients through the entire process”, says Pankaj Kumar Choudhary, Co-founder & CEO of Carbon Minus Energy Pvt. Ltd.

Priyanka, VP-Sales

CarbonMinus keeps customers at the forefront of its minds and looks out for their well being around every corner. The company is a leading aggregator on both the supply and demand side. Their forte lies in connecting the best-in class services and technology available in the market and supplying to its customers. Not adhering to any particular technology or manufactured products and offering the best that is available in the market helps Carbon `Minus to stand out from the crowd. Also, for the past seven months, the company has been reaching out to a select group of customers, and 9 out of 10 customers have agreed to take part in the project. All this showcases not only the quality of their offerings but also how transparent their operations are which has helped them to gain the utmost trust of their clients. And in the current ultra competitive corporate realm, having a strong relationship with your clients is crucial if you want to succeed in the long run.

CarbonMinus follows a simple yet effective operational model that includes customer request, site survey, contract, installation & commissioning, maintenance & upkeep, and support enquiry. The firm has partnered with the State Bank of India under the World Bank’s Suprabha scheme to provide financial assistance to clients. CarbonMinus has also developed a mobile app that allows customers to view real time solar power generation. With a dedicated team of 24 employees led by IIT Madras and IIM Calcutta alumni, CarbonMinus is marching forward virtuously to bring a paradigm shift in the national and global energy regime and through that become a part of the nation building process.