Carclenx: Setting New Benchmarks in the Car Washing Industry

 Syedali B,   Director

Syedali B


The term 'entrepreneur' often conjures up images of experienced, successful people who had reached a point in their lives when they felt confident enough to take new risks and face new challenges. According to research, the average age of an entrepreneur today is 40. However, success can come at any age. And many ambitious youngsters are going against the grain to start their own businesses in their twenties, proving that passion and determination are more powerful than age or experience and shining among the more seasoned professionals. Syed Ali B is one such 24-year-old dynamic business personality who is the driving force behind the success of Carclenx, India's Biggest Mobile car wash network.

Carclenx, established in 2020 by Syed Ali B has grown leaps and bounds, with an investment of Rs.20 lakhs to be a Rs.200 Crore company with Franchisee units within the nation. Carclenx is beaming with pride as the most sought after service provider in the market today, owing to Syed Ali's business acumen and industry knowledge. Carclenx operates as a Franchisee business model, where people come to take its units and do business on their own anywhere in India, earning Rs.1-1.5 lakhs per month.

Carclenx is a pioneer and the only movable
auto spa providing both steam and foam cleaning services for cars in a single package at the customer's doorstep. Ensuring comprehensive services at every level, the firm is always willing to extend its services as per the specification of the clients. Carclenx is backed by a team of professionals having more than a decade of car washing experience. The firm exclusively employs qualified and skilled professional cleaning teams with extensive expertise to ensure the vehicle is in great hands. The proficient workmen take care of the detailing of plenty of cars every month and are passionate about what they do. Syed Ali adds "Punctuality, professionalism, and friendliness are all values we place on our customers' time and money. We offer exceptional services at competitive prices, allowing customers to proudly display their vehicles in public".

Ensuring comprehensive services at every level, Carclenx is always willing to extend its services as per the specification of the clients

Carclenx leverages international standard software to get the most out of clients' payments, and it is equipped with cutting-edge machinery and technology to get the greatest outcomes. It works hard to set new benchmarks for car valeting and detailing by providing exceptional service. All services are delivered to the customer's doorstep anywhere in Kerala at the time and place that is most convenient for them. The firm's expert services, along with the best detailing, have resulted in a large number of repeat customers. All in all, the core objective of the firm is to provide its customers with the friendliest, most convenient hand car wash experience possible. "Our professional services are of great value in multiple locations with flexible hours. We are committed to providing excellent service and ensuring complete customer satisfaction we also have an in-house team of 24*7 customer care", emphasizes Syed Ali.

As Carclenx proceeds ahead to reaching new heights, it is stepping into its second phase through the launch of PEXA, the Complete Car Care App that covers 360° Car Care. PEXA is an e-Commerce app where customers will be able to purchase car spares and accessories, get car spa, mechanical support 24*7at preferred location, used car sales, taxi service and quick help Services 24*7 all over India. With franchisee business and new brand Pexa as its future primary brand, the firm is all sought to thrive in the market.