CarOK: Trusted Car Care Marketplace

Dheeman Kadam ,Co-Founder & CEO
Dheeman Kadam,Co-Founder& CEO

The ideation of CarOk took shape based out of a real-time incident that once took place in the year 2012. One of Dheeman Kadam’s close friends had bought his first car and had given it for servicing to the authorized service station. The next day post the car pick up, he drove for about 3 kms only to realize that the engine had seized. The service station had missed to put oil back after draining it. He took an action for this, unfortunately nothing happened. He shifted the car out from this particular service station and moved it to another one further away where he booted the bill of INR 68000. All this happened over a week, and he met with Dheeman, he was frustrated and blurted out this incident. Dheeman realized this is the story of every other car owner and this was a major issue that can be solved. Cashing in on the opportunity, he zeroed in upon establishing CarOk, an on-demand car care marketplace.

Currently serving more than 3000 customers in the city of Pune,
CarOK strives to bring trust, convenience and transparency to the unorganised car care sector in India. “Our team of service advisors personally inspect the car, get customers the lowest quotes from CarOK's network of carefully vetted garages, pickup-drop the car and supervise the work done at the garage,”informs Dheeman.

"CarOK currently caters to 25000 plus happy customers across Pune and Navi Mumbai "

CarOK has direct volume commitments to the suppliers and has physically mapped every OEM to the authorized supplier and its aftermarket distributor. “By training on workshop manuals and hand holding by our trained service advisors the garages stay in sync with the industry standards and hence reduce errors in execution and diagnostics. Our next step would be to develop a central core around our diagnostic ability and right practices of repair and replacement of parts which all garages could access,” he says.

All work carried out through CarOK comes with a 12-month warranty on both labour and parts which means, if something goes wrong with the work that was undertaken or a part that was replaced within 12 months of the work being carried out, it is completely covered. “Our flagship offering is dent paint services provided within the same day. The precision and quality is recommended by OEMs.”
Delivering convenience at competitive prices that comes with best practices, CarOK caters its services to car owners who are out of warranty and wants the best for their vehicles. The platform strives to match the best workmen with the vehicle owners at the convenience of their homes/offices.“Our 100 percent warranty assures transparency and trust for the car owners,” he avers.

The Growth since Inception
Under the mentorship of Pradip Dubashi, Akbar Boghani, Prashant Udas, Shekhar Kulkarni and Kartik Anand,CarOK,over the years, has come a long way and currently caters to 25000 plus happy customers across Pune and Navi Mumbai. The team of 40 super heroes aims to close 18-19 financial year with a 350 percent revenue growth from the previous one.

In the times to come, the company envisions making this industry free of rogue mechanics and fake part traders. “We believe in our repair first mentality and hence reduce waste which ends up in landfills and leaves the customers satisfied with the price and the quality. We want to set standards for service at the local level and CarOK should be considered a force of positive change in the industry,” he concludes.