CAS Modeling: Bringing Concepts to Life through 'Konzept Yours-Model Ours'

Yogesh Iyer,FounderCAS Modeling, a leading Automotive Design Studio that provides conceptual designs to complete automotive development solutions and services worked with a legendary automotive designer Mr. Henrik Fisker, the man with a unique calibre, ecstatic imagination, and a prodigy in the automotive industry is known for designing iconic luxury cars like BMW Z8, Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Fisker Karma, Galpin-Fisker Mustang Rocket and many more. In 2016, at Detroit Auto Show, Fisker launched a super car called the VLF Force 1 V10. This took the entire automobile industry by surprise and was a delight to the eyes of automotive fans.

Today, VLF Force 1 V10, which is already in production, is the evidence. The Force 1 V10’s behind the scenes success story leads to an emerging automotive design studio back in India called CAS Modeling, founded in Jan 2015. The Young start-up Design Studio that was instrumental in designing a Functional prototype of VLF Force 1 V10 with FRONT unique DRL & UTI Laser Blade Tail Lamps from scratch to finish; right from the design aesthetics of a car to the execution of the prototype. CAS Modeling was involved in every phase of the development thereby bringing the concept into a reality.

Based in Pune, CAS Modeling has worked with some of the leading suppliers, lighting companies, and OEM’s in the automotive industry. Few of them include FORD, FISKER AUTOMOTIVE, Volvo, Ashok Leyland, VECV, and Mahindra & Mahindra etc. In the lighting and auto component, they have clients like Lumax, UNO-Minda, Varroc and Valeo, among other leading players. The team has a robust experience in the field and is currently working on various innovative projects (both in-house & on-site), be it a sedan/luxury cars, sports/ SUVs, and Commercial Trucks /Buses. The Core team contribution for any development is unique, they have recently ventured into creating hybrid energy vehicles. This is the kind of impact CAS Modeling is adding to space at the moment.

Also, while discussing the advantages of 'EMobility' in today's technology "The firm's next dream project is expected to be rolled out in India soon. Yes, some thing very Special for our mother land - MAKE in INDIA.

CAS Modeling is also focusing on Solar Powered Energy Vehicle Development - Advance development for future. Their futuristic development on Project SE (Solar Power Electric Scooter) vehicle has highly differentiate features and the vehicle is expected to fly with a speed of 80 KM/ hr, without any traditional roof Solar Panel
Method. Few specifications of the vehicle are (i) Life time infinite battery and no battery discharge during sunlight (ii) no daytime charging is required (iii) Option to charge the battery after sunlight. The scooter is expected with special features such as (i) magnetic break, (ii) LED Light, (iii) tubeless tire (iv) Integrated touch panels and (v) IoT Technology Integration. The concept is expected to be published soon and its Proto Vehicle will be launched by end of this year.

The Best Cost Effective Solutions for every New Product Development
In the span of three years, the company has carved a niche in the industry by providing cost-effective solutions to its clients, across the globe. Yogesh Iyer, Founder, CAS Modeling narrating the global perspective speaks “From a styling to the technology aspect, if we look at the global market scenario, China is 15 years ahead of us, and the US, on the other hand, is 30 years ahead of us. But, in India, we have just started picking up last Couples of years. So, providing such comprehensive and result-oriented solutions to our global clients, we are destined to offer similar solutions to our Indian customers.”

With a marketing office in Detroit, USA and a studio in Pune, the company is in an expansion phase at the moment

He further states “We are a start-up. So, at this point in time, we don’t keep that much of profit margin. We work for a lower margin and we want to develop our client base by creating brand awareness in the market and we would let our work do all the talking.”

CAS-Way Forward – Global Presence
With a marketing office in Detroit, USA and a studio in Pune, the company is in an expansion phase at the moment. From a mere three-member team in 2015, the company has evolved to 12 member team. Also, with a growing demand for their services, the company is growing 100 percent YoY since its inception days. Glorifying the company to a whole new level, they are officially coming out with a German brand called CAS Modeling GMBH. In fact, for the first time in the history of Indian automotive studio industry, an Indian brand is foraying into the foreign land and not the other way around. “In the coming years, we will be present in 3-4 locations and with our global team of designers easy to be deployed, we will be able to provide our innovative services to clients across the globe,” concludes Yogesh on a positive note.

Yogesh Iyer, Founder, CAS Modeling
Ever since a young boy, belonging to a traditional middleclass south Indian Brahmin family, Yogesh loved cars more than anything. His love for cars later transformed him to become an automobile engineering And, during his engineering days while doing a part time job as a CAD faculty in CADD Centre after college
hours, he used to see a car on the road and always used to wonder and look amazed at the design aesthetics of the cars. “Be it Maruti 800, Ford Ikon, and the Ambassador car, I used to think like‘Who is designing these cars?’”, he says.

Curious Yogesh, with time mastered the art and followed his passion. Today, is the founder of an automotive design studio company called CAS Modeling - the hybrid energy vehicle development company. Prior taking the entrepreneurial plunge, Yogesh has worked with several OEMs like Mahindra & Mahindra & few other big corporate firms, and has more than 13+ years of experience in corporate relationship, business development, project management and team management. More than anything, he has a very good understanding of design flow and quality standards of Automobiles and Manufacturing.

CAS Modeling Service Offerings:
• CAS Mockup Services
Show car Mockup – CAS Modeling provides an entire gamut of solutions keeping in mind the design aspects of the car to the development of the prototype that later makes its debut at the prominent auto shows across the globe.

Functional Mockup– The company provides services to the functional component of the auto parts, such as lightings, doors, seats and other essential parts that need to be designed and checked for feasibility before the execution of the products into a prototype.

Aesthetic Mockup - The design of the individual component that involves a crucial creative touch to the product, in terms of the design of the bumpers, the shape of the bonnet, tail lamps etc.

Visual Mockup – If the concept is not clear and the clients want to see the final product, CAS Modeling provides an easy solution for them to witness a complete visual euphoric of the end-product by leveraging on next-generation technology at real-time customization basis.

• Class A Surfacing
This is the most important service of the company, and CAS Modeling helps suppliers and the OEMs convert their design into a CAD model by providing the flexibility in terms of physical coating the surfaces of material thereby enhancing the developments on the design and easy changes to the final proto-development.

• Exterior & Interior Trim
As to be able to cover most of their customer needs, the core team with its profound expertise in Developing the Exterior & Interior Cock pit module produce plastic parts of many types including painting, chroming, IMD, High Gloss etc.

• Automotive lighting Solutions
Lighting systems being the heart of the car, the experienced engineers at CAS Modeling understands the importance of the detail and provides an end-to-end solution whereby they redefine the head lamp, Tail Lamp ,interior mood lights of the car and add a tinge of perfection that enhances the overall appearance of the car.