CDP Tech Tweeters: A One-stop Firm for All Blockchain and Fintech Focused PR and Content Solutions

Dilip Kumar Patairya ,FounderThe growing need to gain a competitive advantage is driving the PR industry in India forward. PR boosts credibility, which increases the quality of your leads. Decision makers frequently do internet searches for service providers to learn more about the firms with whom they wish to collaborate. PR raises the recall value, increasing the likelihood of success. Media coverage is frequently shared on social media. All of these variables enable marketers to reach out to a larger number of individuals in their target market. In fact, due to the increased need for brand recall and positioning, public relations as an industry grew rapidly in the Covid times as well.

Tapping the opportunity in the industry, Dilip Kumar Patairya introduced CDP Tech Tweeters in the year 2020. Dilip observed that a public relations campaign's longterm beneficial impacts are simply unrivalled. This is a consideration that businesses are starting to recognise, which is why the number of people using public relations services has gradually climbed, giving rise to the country's indigenous public relations firms. CDP Tech Tweeters is one such start up that offers services tailored specifically to technology companies.

CDP Tech Tweeters was founded after the founder, Dilip Kumar Patairya lost his job along with millions of others during the nationwide Covid lockdown. To start earning money again, he started accepting freelance writing jobs. After a while, he brought other individuals on board, and later, PR was added to the mix. His early-career journalism experience and the media connections he made with journalists through his work contributed to the success of his PR business. CDP Tech Tweeters is a public relations and content production company that specializes in helping crypto, fintech, and SaaS businesses communicate to their audiences. Its mission is to unleash the power of media for technology entrepreneurs. They act as bridge for IT companies, connecting them with audiences, including both current and potential consumers, through effective and trustworthy communication. They are integrated communication and PR firm that works with technology companies. Whitepaper creation, content creation, media acquisition, and idea development are some of their services.

Thanks to our consistent interaction with technology start-ups, we have been particularly able to understand their requirements and develop multi-pronged PR strategy that suits them. We also offer content development services, recognizing that consistent and well thought out messaging is an integral part of PR”, speaks Dilip Kumar Patairya.

Committed to Generating Quality Content
PR raises the level of credibility, which raises the calibre of leads. Online service provider searches are common among decision makers, who use the information to learn more about the businesses they are considering doing business with. PR increases recall value, increasing the likelihood of success. Social media users frequently share news stories. As it has always done, content reigns supreme and heavily influences public relations. To connect and engage with a diverse audience, PR agencies have to create new and engaging content as its consumption grows. To differentiate themselves from the competition, public relations firms will need a strong and creatively focused content team that can deliver and convey better stories through superior content. CDP Tech Tweeters'primary focus had been content
development before switching to PR. They supplied their clients with content such as blogs, press releases, and social media updates.

A robust track record of tech PR solutions
CDP Tech Tweeters provides a reliable media coverage service; they work hard to gain their client's organic coverage in national and worldwide media. In public relations, their slogan has been "Better efficacy at a lower cost." Their decentralized structure and strong content and journalistic backgrounds enable them to do so. The decentralization of resources allows them to keep prices low, while broad networking with journalists allows them to build coverage quality. Their primary USP is a deep grasp of the fintech and cryptocurrency ecosystems. This aids CDP Tech Tweeters in assessing client positioning and determining how to give them optimum benefit as early as possible. Instead of simply choosing any publication, they research on the journalists who are most likely to write on the subject. As a result of CDP Tech Tweeters thorough understanding of the various tech media writers' thought processes, their press releases are accepted much more frequently.

Our team has a good understanding of digital Marketing as well, which enables you to mix PR with your overall marketing campaigns.

A Notch Ahead of All
CDP Tech Tweeters distinguishes itself from competitors in the industry by utilizing a tripartite service model meant to appeal to varied consumers from worldwide communities. The firm offers its customers a one-stop shop for all content related services.

Our team has a good understanding of digital marketing as well, which enables you to mix PR with your overall marketing campaigns. Moreover, we are into content development as well, which sort of turns us into a one-stop shop for all your PR and content related services. As for content development, we have a good blend of native English speakers with experience and formal training in content in our team. It shows up in the work we do”, says Dilip Kumar Patairya.

CDP Tech Tweeters began informally when Dilip undertook his first freelance writing project with INR 3,000($38) after being jobless for four months due to the lockdown. They now generate more than INR 5 lakhs in revenue every month. The market response to their services has been quite positive, and they expect it to improve as they develop as a company. The fact that the majority of business originates from referrals attests to the degree of satisfaction.

The crew at CDP Tech Tweeters is well-versed in digital marketing, which allows them to integrate PR into larger marketing strategies. Additionally, they are involved in content creation, making them a one-stop shop for all PR and content related services. The key leadership group behind CDP Tech Tweeters consists of three people: Dilip Kumar Patairya, the company's Chief Associate, is in charge of choosing the course that CDP Tech Tweeters will pursue. He serves as Chief Editor in addition to handling marketing. Ms. Emily Mawia, his associate, is in charge of maintaining relationships with the media. She also supports us with hiring. Since social media plays a significant part in today's public relations campaigns, Mr. Hamid Akhtar is in charge of the job.

CDP Tech Tweeters' growth trajectory has been more than impressive, and client support has been good. They began modestly and have already worked with clients in over 20 countries. The level of satisfaction with their services is explained by the fact that the majority of these customers found them through the recommendations of previous customers. The organization has a crew of roughly six workers, and a consistent revenue stream speaks volumes about their work.

Since its establishment,CDP Tech Tweeters have worked in the blockchain and finance industries and has established a solid reputation. They intend to expand their public relations services into cyber security and are currently developing resources in this area.