Centrick: Making Brands Look Good

Vikram Gaikwad, Vistasp Hodiwala & Roy Menezes,FoundersCentrick was founded in 2019 by the trio Vikram Gaikwad, Vistasp Hodiwala, and Roy Menezes. The three founders have close to 500 domestic and international awards of repute. And they share a common passion for aesthetics, design, communication, and technology. They aspired to make brands look good, by building them digital-first, mobile-friendly, and future-ready. The founders realized that there are tons of Design agencies, Online marketing agencies, Content agencies, Social Media agencies, at possibly every street corner.

What lacks is, an agency that integrates all of the above. Hence the friends started Centrick to ensure aesthetics join the fundamentals of plat-forms, devices, and technology. They create content by understanding sentiments derived from data and social media as a platform and not an occupation that delivers 30 posts a month. At Centrick, artists mingle with coders and writers to bring alive stories that ensure every solution is worthy of the time the audience spends.

The company places search engine data at the core of building user journeys that are optimized basis what people are looking for. Thus, delivering greater returns on
marketing campaigns that cater to the website for a varied set of audiences. “At Centrick, Listen, Learn, Create, Build, Train, Handover-our unique 6 step process is used to simplify, conceptualize, structure, and deliver projects of scale within committed timelines. At every step, learnings are inputted, shared, and vetted by key stakeholders. This reduces backtracks due to untimely iterations while ensuring all variables are looked at and addressed. This process helps us build brands that are not only good-looking, but they are also future-ready,” the founders inform.

Ideated by these smart minds, in its very first year, Centrick has signed two of India's largest conglomerates on long-term projects as well as on retainer. These are Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Limited, Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited, Kirloskar Chillers Private Limited, and The CK Birla Group. Even before its launch, Centrick signed on Bombay Shirt Company as a brand that shares its passion for aesthetics. Very few agencies can rebrand a design school. Centrick takes great pride in its work done for ISU, which has prestigious schools such as ISDI Parsons, ISME, DICE VFS, and many others under its banner. But its pièce de résistance is the work done on Lifelong India Online. This work has ensured the agency retains the client for its second year with increased scope. Centrick has not only achieved its targets for the 1st year but has also crossed them. The team has grown 350 percent despite a pandemic that enforced a lockdown. Centrick is now operational in 2 cities, Mumbai and Bengaluru, and partners with brands across Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, and Sri Lanka.

Centrick ensures that anything and everything it creates is always digital-first, mobile-friendly and future ready

Eyeing the Future
“In the coming year, we will be expanding operations to two more cities, making considerable investments into our in-house production unit “Centrick Studios”. We will be growing our media buying alliances and delivering solutions to our clients on a much larger scale. We start-ed Centrick with a vision that each team will not have more than 2 brands and one project. This has worked well for us. The quality of output is visible and the benefits to the brands are tangible. We will be making considerable investments into growing dedicated and integrated teams that will power brands into the future,” the founders conclude.