CerTro Technologies: Recruitment Process Driven by Cutting Edge Technology

Afshan Ali ,Co-Founders & Directors

Afshan Ali

Co-Founders & Directors

Human resource is one of the top three challenges that most companies face at the moment in addition to lack of skilled people occupying the rightful place in an organization. On top of that, there is constant social hesitation and lack of experience among most of the young population in India that leads to unemployment. However this has its direct consequence on country’s economy and also affects company’s growth to some extent. Hence it becomes very much important for companies to consult recruitment firms that hires the right talent and ensures zero percent attrition rates.

One such Startup understanding the present day market scenario and bringing subtle changes in the recruitment process is Bangalore based CerTro Technologies. The idea behind the establishment of CerTro is to help lower the unemployment level in India and help organization improve their overall efficiency by hiring a suitable candidate. The company follows strict on-boarding mechanism for Interviewers to ensure quality of the interview panel.

In January 2015, the trio - Afshan, Snehasish and Nauman, with extensive IT sector experience and
having served the industry for more than 15 years, decided to bring a change in the entire process of recruitment solution. “We are focusing on process efficiency along with personalized engagement to enable superior outcomes. We are confident of becoming a trendsetter via service delivery innovation for both the professionals as well as employers”, speaks Afshan Ali, Co-Founder & Director – Operations, CerTro Technologies.

CerTro is at an expansion phase and is experiencing rapid growth in their business as they are using cutting edge technology to create tools for the recruitment industry

Carving a Niche

CerTro during their initial stages had 12 recruiters and 14 clients under them (Initial 4 months) to kick start with and at present have strongly established their base in Bangalore and are adding clients and recruiters on regular basis. However being a startup,the challenges they are facing at the moment is pertaining to their expansion of operations in other major IT hubs in India. As team CerTro are currently running the business in a bootstrap mode, they are looking for investors who can join hands with them to help them grow as a company.

What makes CerTro rise above the crowd is their innovative and trend setting concepts which have helped many talented interviewers get onboard to serve their clients.
The company follows strict on boarding mechanism for Interviews to ensure quality of the interview panel and this power of the crowd will enable the tasks to be done within no time, which traditionally takes weeks to complete. The overall benefit is the Interview Process Outsourcing (IPO) helps the organizations to get the work done quicker in a unified manner and saves time and money. Elaborating, Snehasish Mullick, Co-Founder & Director – Sales, CerTro, says “Using the Interview Process Outsourcing (IPO), CerTro provides technically interviewed and qualified candidates to its clients, thereby reducing the interview process duration by at-least 50 percent and adding value to the client’s hiring process by providing high quality candidates.”

Additionally, CerTro offers services in Permanent Recruitment, Contract Staffing, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Interview Process Outsourcing (IPO).

The Roadmap Ahead

At present, CerTro is at an expansion phase and is experiencing rapid growth in their business as they are using cutting edge technology to create tools for the recruitment industry. Further talking about the future growth of the company, Nauman Latif, Co-Founder & Director – Delivery, concludes “Our short-term goal is to become an industry leader by acquiring at least 10 percent share within the next three years. And our long term goal is to make CerTro the first-choice Recruitment Company in India, for professional as well as employers.”