Chatterbox Communication: Pushing the Digital & Social Media Marketing Landscape with Custom Narratives and Innovative Ideation

Ankrish Bhayana, FounderFrom global leaders spear heading the digital space for years to start-ups that are gradually scaling the space, Delhi-Based Chatterbox Communication has gained prominence amongst all, as a trusted Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing company in only a couple of years since its inception. Founded in 2018, the firm specializes in the predominant digital trends through its added focus on Influencer Marketing and Content Creation.

Offering comprehensive marketing solutions like Brand Strategy and Planning, Customer Review Management, E-Commerce & Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management and more, Chatterbox Communications is on a mission to bring to fruition its client's concepts and vision to the digital realm. "We will make sure that your voice finds its way through your brand. We also ensure that there is a form of communication that reaches your target audience. Our content creation is an end-to-end process, from ideation to organizing full fledged brand shoot sat our studios our in house teams are present to handle all your brand requirements," informs Ankrish Bhayana, Founder, Chatterbox Communication.

Bhayana, an avid social media enthusiast, started on the Chatterbox Communication journey sensing the opportunity to leverage the accelerated Digital Marketing and Social
Media presence."Building the Chatterbox founding team was fairly easy for me as I had several friends in the marketing industry who were looking for a change and were also inclined towards strategy development, content creation, and content building for brands," says the Founder. From a humble team of 8 individuals, the digital agency, over three years, has thrived well to its current workforce of 32 employees with a portfolio of 85+ brands under its ambit, some of which include VLCC Institute, Dafni India, Makeup Eraser India, Asian Footwears, Face Rituals, Little Tags, Dayjoy, Saint G Shoes, Toesmith, Paul Penders Botanicals, Wat. A-Burger, Esskay Beauty, Eris Global, Amrit Kaur Artistry, Monkinz, Tressmart, Pikndel, Rosvin Bugs, Mool Organic and many more.

A culture of tolerance and excellence aided by unique challenges and learnings
Stressing on the company's culture pillars of being a fun yet disciplined employer, Bhayana comments, "We try to ensure a friendly and comfortable workplace where the senior team members remain ever approachable. But we also adhere to a work culture where timelines are met, guidelines are valued and client servicing remains a priority," further adding,"Every employee at Chatter box Communication understands that their opinion is valued, and they are an integral part of the team. This ensures 100% employee satisfaction and 100% productivity level from every single member of the organization."

Testifying the Chatterbox culture and her employee journey is Radhika Agarwal, Senior Consultant, "From an Account Manager to Team Manager to a Senior Consultant, Chatterbox Communication has given to me the opportunity to experience unique challenges, relevant industry learnings and to be surrounded by like minded creative experts. Having been a part of the organization for over 3 years, I have been able to influence and provide solutions to people's varied problems. And to be able to achieve that is a great feeling.

Marketing being essentially a creatively driven process more often requires an out-of-the-box thought process and Chatter box credits its employee diversity for its creative exertions. "We, at Chatterbox Communication, all come from different cultures, states, ethnicities, from different walks of life, and that has been our huge utility. Every member brings a different story to the table, it drives our innovative, original narrative and approach, much to our clients' delight," points out Bhayana.

Today, as Chatterbox Communication continues to take up new challenges on the digital and social media marketing fronts, the firm sets for itself targets to expand more offices and branches pan India along with international market aspirations.