Check Point Software Technologies: Meeting the Needs of the Modern Day Data Center

Venugopal N,Head of Security Engineering

Venugopal N

Head of Security Engineering

Cybercriminals today are persistent, well-organized and technically proficient. They target data centers at an alarming frequency because they know this provides the greatest ROI for their efforts. The modern data center is rapidly evolving. Software-defined networks and virtualization are paving the way to private and public clouds, enabling applications and workloads to be delivered at a fraction of the cost and time.

A key challenge is that traditional security solutions are not designed to keep pace with dynamic virtual network changes that come with rapid application provisioning.

Check Point Software Technologies, a global leading provider of cyber security solutions with a presence in the India and SAARC region, believes that protecting the modern data center requires greater flexibility and innovation to keep pace with the migration of application workloads to the cloud. The company offers a range of solutions to help enterprises and government agencies secure their data centers.

A prevention-first philosophy
It is not uncommon to find enterprises trying to protect their IT environments with older, detection-only technologies that only protect against viruses, application attacks, and payload delivery. This often leaves networks, virtualized data centers, cloud environments, and mobile exposed.
Through Infinity, Check Point offers a unified security architecture supported by automatic, real-time threat intelligence that helps organizations take a prevention-first approach towards cyber security.

“The Gen VI threats of today are large scale and have the capability to inflict widespread damage. Such threats require protection that is focused on attack prevention and speed of response,” says Venugopal N, Head of Security Engineering - India, Check Point Software Technologies.

“This is why Check Point offers automatic and immediate threat intelligence through new techniques that analyze behavior at the OS and CPU levels to prevent malware at the exploit phase before it has an opportunity to deploy. Our proactive file sanitation also offers true, powerful prevention without processing delays,” he adds.

The company offers a range of solutions to help enterprises and government agencies secure their data centers

Making a mark in India
Since establishing its operations in India over 15 years ago, Check Point has made huge inroads into various segments in the market including financial services, telecom, IT & ITES, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Over the years, Check Point has also marked a significant presence in the government sector in India. The company has been collaborating with the government to realize the country’s ambitions for a Digital India and Smart Cities, as well as initiatives around data centers, cloud, and mobile security.

Check Point’s extensive network of established partners have played a key role in India, and continue to collaborate closely with the Check Point India team to meet the cyber security needs of the market. Check Point even has its own authorized centers dedicated to training its partners. The company has bagged numerous awards and recognitions such as Gartner’s Enterprise Network Firewall Magic Quadrant and Unified Threat Management Magic Quadrant, Forrester Wave for Endpoint Security Suites, and many more.

“Our training programs concentrate on giving people hands on experience. There are multilevel certifications, such as CCSA and CCSE, which partners have to achieve to be an expert on Check Point”, concludes Venugopal.