Chefie: No Taglines, Just Good Food

Rakshith Purohith, CEO & Founder

Rakshith Purohith

CEO & Founder

Times have changed. The appetite for dining out has slowly taken a downward course, as people have abstained themselves from traffic and are adapting to eat at the comfort of their home. Over the years many start-ups have mushroomed catering experience to its customers. One company that is carving a niche in the space with its unique approach and service delivery is Chefie.

Founded in 2016, the founder's passion for food service, creation and presentation paved a way to start Chefie. The company is purely on a mission to create memorable experiences for its customers by exceeding the expectations with innovative cuisine, exemplary service and timely delivery.

How Chefie Ensures Quality?
Unlike most food-tech companies that are fundamentally delivery-only platform for existing network of restaurants, the company’s secret ingredient is their love for food, where they cook their own food, which gives them end-to-end control over quality thereby improving customer experience. “We stand unique and have created a path instead of following someone. Ideas are bullet proof, self generated idea is lethal than a nuke,” asserts Rakshith Purohith, CEO & Founder, Chefie.

He further enthusiastically says “The more parts of the process
that you own, the more control you have and the possibilities here are endless. Also, a cloud kitchen offers room for innovation and experimentation.”

Team Chefie consist of the finest Chefs and their cuisines encompass a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to Indian from overseas as well

Apart from creating pocket friendly, lip-smacking culinary experience of international cuisines to its customers, the company maintains highest level of quality ingredients and ensures a high degree of cleanliness in every step of the process, where every dish prepared is double checked by executive chef to ensure the great taste, proper packing, dispersal of right package and then assigned to the delivery executives. Overall, Chefie’s kitchen seasoned with tenderness, dishes out healthy and innovative products that serve the needs and wants of the customers. In addition to this, Chefie has IoT-enabled temperature sensing devices which ensure that the food has not only arrived on time but also comes with the right temperature and has the taste that the chef intended to deliver.

Mouth-watering Cuisines Customized to Your Taste Buds
Team Chefie consist of the finest Chefs and their cuisines encompass a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to India and from overseas as well. Given the range of diversity, climate, culture, ethnic group, and occupations, these cuisines vary significantly from each other and use custom prepared spices,
chosen herbs, fresh vegetables and fruits. “Once the order is received on our screens, we get in touch with the respective customers over a phone call, to know about their taste and preferences on the order placed. We always ensure that the specific instructions given by the customers are delivered in terms of taste and service,” avers Rakshith.

Placing its customers at the core of everything, Chefie provides the highest level of safety, authenticity, and quality of food. “Service completes product and not the profits. The better the company services the customer, more the growth will be,”says Rakshith.

Recipe for Success-The Chefie Way Forward
Based in Bangalore, the self-funded company Chefie in on a road to success and since inception the company has witnessed growth 10x folds in terms of revenue, employing people and acquiring a customer base. Also, coming up with unique concepts and ideas, Chefie is said to disrupt the foodtech ecosystem, where the company charges depending upon the demand, supply, commodity rates, availability and more. Another fascinating concept the company is bringing into the market is the ‘Gamification’ features, which will make online ordering more fun for the users.

Food industry being a large and clear multi-billion dollar opportunity in India, Chefie’s full stack model with over 50 percent in gross margins has emerged as the only certain way to scale profitability. Emphasizing on the roadmap ahead, Rakshith concludes “We are speaking to selective investors who have approached us with interest in this next stage of growth.”