Chipmonk Technologies: Advanced Breakthroughs for a Stronger, yet Safer IoT World

Shivendra Kumar,Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Shivendra Kumar

Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

A leading motorcycle company in Asia, which had a dream of condition based maintenance systems and predictive maintenance, has seen it turn into a reality over the past two years. Likewise, a formidable name in Power rental domain could transform its business in many ways, from remote monitoring to efficiency benchmarking and optimized location based online services. The case studies might be different, but the winning proposition behind those transformations is a single platform named OLLO, a propriety hardware and software of Chipmonk Technologies – a Bangalore-headquartered full-fledged IoT company. A rugged and compact wireless M2M/IoT device, OLLO serves as an aggregator of the data from the sensors and a wireless transfer unit, and supports the technological advancements such as 2G/3G, GSM/GPRS and Wi-Fi. Deployed in industrial environmental conditions and armed with an AES encryption, the product brings with it a set of
perks and is riding high with its reliability and zero failures. Not just OLLO, but Chipmonk’s every one-of-a-kind IoT solution is designed to serve emerging areas (like dairy and healthcare & fitness) as well as industrial and smart city arena.

Chipmonk’s every IoT solution is designed to serve emerging areas like dairy and healthcare & fitness, along with industrial and smart city arena

Despite being a five year young startup, Chipmonk hosts an enviable arsenal of marquee customers. In fact, the company is also a strategic partner for India’s leading electrical company in providing all the IoT solutions, enablement and security policies. And why not? With its winning breakthrough – which cover a platform Nubello (now called Knomphic), a smart grid and smart metering solution Marcopolo and above all, value-driven solution engineering capabilities – the company is indeed set to revolutionize the era. Additionally, the cloud-based IoT-oriented PaaS platform also brings with it the bliss of industry-specific plug-ins. With two patents, Marcopolo, despite lack of clarity, guidelines and plans for Smart-meters in India, is now India’s one of the most compact RF-integrated smart meter with a pioneering design, which is set to venture into the residential domain.
A Differentiated Craftsmanship

With distinct use cases and security parameters in all of its layers, Chipmonk’s services strive to provide remote monitoring and control solution, real-time data optimization as well as historical analytics, custom notifications, condition-based maintenance, fault prediction and periodic management reporting and analytics. “Security, especially, has been our services’ lifeline, even since when it was not considered prominent as it is today. We are on the forefront of driving IoT security, not only on our devices and platform, but we are also a security consultant for our customers,” explains Shivendra Kumar, Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer, Chipmonk.

An open and agile company, Chipmonk derives its strength from its industry know-how team of finest IIM, IIT/NIT elites. Once onboard, every new entrant is entitled for the freedom to work on the areas of their choice and can continuously hone their technological skills by involving themselves in regular reading hours, strategic discussions and briefings. With such perks, the company is currently rearing up to launch OLLO Wi-Fi and Nubello-2.0 version (endowed with Industry 4.0 for smart manufacturing) very soon. Chipmonk has partnered with large electrical company to embark on the bigger smart city projects and aims to expand its customer arsenal in the industrial IoT domain, thereby reinstating its position in these arenas.