Chisel Fitness: Manifesting the Power & Eloquence of 'NeverStop'

Mrs. Satya Sinha ,Founder & Director

Mrs. Satya Sinha

Founder & Director

What started as a corporate wellness & stress management centre called Medifit way back in 1999 by Dr. Shardul Sinha (MBBS) and Mrs. Satya Sinha; eventually has transformed into a full-fledged brand that harnesses fitness & wellness across the globe. With 237+ corporate fitness centres under the brand name Medifit and about 89+ centres (in India) & 33+ centres (in GCC countries) under the brand name 'Chisel'(a franchise-based business model). The company is swaying towards newer milestones each passing day. As a first-generation fitness entrepreneur, Satya has never rested on her laurels, and after becoming a pioneer in the corporate fitness market, she is now confident of capturing the growing B2C fitness market in India, with her stand-alone gym brand ‘Chisel’.

More than anything, Satya’s extensive experience in the fitness domain and her vision to make ‘Chisel’ India’s preferred destination for a new age, holistic fitness, has even encouraged her to venture into newer dimensions such as Health Foods and exclusive online and offline Fitness Academy. And the husband-wife duo aims to take B2C fitness in India to the next level, and brand ‘Chisel’ has already created a dent in the space by partnering with some of the best names from the global fitness market, such as Les Mills, Fix My Nutrition, Life Fitness, Exer Gaming, and Hydro Fitness.

Chisel #NeverStop
In a span of two years, the company has more than 100+ centres signed up across the globe. Jovial Satya, who is bullish about the future of Chisel says “We believe that, once the brand is established in tier 1 and metro cities, we will target tier 2 and 20 smart cities planned by our Honble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, and will capture the growing Indian middle-class population who are spending an increasing amount of their disposable income on gym memberships.” Recently, the company has expanded to GCC Nations. They are further looking at foraying to ASEAN and SAARC countries.

In the pipeline, the company offers a blend of traditional fitness programs with a new age modern fitness programs, where they have a new indigenous food chain which specializes in healthy meals with super foods from the brand ‘Fix My Nutrition’ for fitness conscious people. This eventually is said to compete with foreign brands and will beat them in terms of research quality and technology advancements.
Chisel has become a strongly accepted brand for all age groups starting from school going kids who fight child obesity to senior citizens who are keen on basic day-to-day fitness. “We have a lot of local and international sports professionals who regularly work out in our Chisel Gyms. Also, we have identified specific programs for post-operation rehab workouts,” asserts Satya.

Chisel Fitness is currently working on four modules based on the area of the Gym like the Express, Studio, Luxury and Super Luxury, which ranges from 2000 sq. ft. to 7000+ sq. ft.

A Sneak Peek inside - Chisel Fitness
Since 2015, and the years after, Chisel has been the Fitness Partner for Miss India competitions. The BFC’s, Bangalore Bulls, and the JSW Kabaddi team, which includes prominent sports persons and international wrestlers, train at Chisel Gyms. Satya describing interesting facts about Chisel Fitness speaks “We have indoor and outdoor fitness programmes at regular intervals. And, we have branded #Neverstop fitness Parties, Morning Fitness Parities and Road Block Fitness events conducted in different cities every quarter taking respective franchise partners of that location into confidence.”

When it comes to specialization, Chisel provides pure fitness-based workouts, bodybuilding, group workouts, Les Mills workouts, Hydro Fitness based on DNA tests and Healthy Meal plans. This spread and varied options of workouts are not normally available in other gyms, and thus makes Chisel stand out in the kind of offerings that they provide to its members. Overall, the experience and the journey of transformation of members are far more exciting at Chisel.

The Agenda - Making India Fit by Building a Vibrant Ecosystem for all
With the main motive to make India fit, Mrs. Satya Sinha says “I have always tried to visualize a goal which is of universal importance. Having worked under Industrial Legend Mr. Ratan Tata for quite some time at International Tech Park, Bangalore, it was clear to inculcate entrepreneurial values. In fact, the best truth that I have discovered is ‘When mind, body, and soul are in perfect harmony, you notice that the human beings are at their best.”

Also, when in sync, the fittest employee in the sense can contribute the best for his company and as well bring in the best to his family. And Chisel, taking it much farther is uniting a nation with such people. So that, they can always stay inspired, bring positivity, breed good health, wellness, growth, and concentrate on global development. Most importantly, this brings peace and harmony in the Universe.
Widening horizons, Dr. King Moohan, Chief Business Officer – Brand Chisel, says “From the business point of view, we notice that any business which is in demand for humans for their day-to-day living always spells success. Fitness as an aspect is just like breathing. And, breathing is always an integral part of your very existence itself. So, we are at the right space offering the right service, and we at Chisel help our employees, clients,& customers enjoy the benefits to the fullest!”

Further emphasizing on the expansion of franchise businesses under the brand name ‘Chisel’,and the role each and every employee plays in the organization, Mr. Sounak Bhow mick, National Marketing Head – Brand Chisel, says “Our job as marketers are to understand how the customer wants to buy, and we help them to do so. In the fitness industry, unless you show them the right path, the journey will not happen and the trust will not come. We as a team ensure, we connect to people, and interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them.”

Finally, Satya stating the importance of fitness in this country exuberates “Fitness Industry has just achieved only 3 percent of the requirement of the nation as of now. We need more professional fitness centres to meet that national dream of 100 Olympic medals. If fitness is inculcated and made it compulsory at a school level, we can see a lot opportunity to integrate it reach out to more people.”

The Forces beyond Fitness & Wellness – The Journey of Success
Mrs. Satya Sinha is the Founder & Director of Chisel & Medifit. She has a robust experience of more than over two decades in the fitness industry. Dr. Shardul Sinha, who is a qualified MBBS heads Medifit as the Managing Director, which operates about 237+ centres in the country. And, most of them are present in the corporate tech parks and big corporate houses of the country. Both Chisel, a B2C Fitness Model, and Medifit, a B2B fitness Model is the brainchild of Mrs. Satya & Dr.Shardul.

The Business platform is headed by Dr. Kingmoohan, who has an MBA and a doctorate in Marketing and Advertising and has more than 24 years of experience in Business Management. He is also a multilingual film actor with more than 100 films to his credit. On the other hand, the Brand Marketing is handled by Mr. Sounak who has vast experience in Brand Marketing with MNC’s. Overall, the core team consists of six National Heads to take care of different portfolios such as HR, Admin, Training, Sales, Events, and Nutrition.

Ultimately, the team’s leadership style exhibits the attitude of ‘Lead from the Front’& Never Stop working hard and continuously building a network, the team believes in achieving nothing but the best.