City Surveillance Services: Cost-effective Real-time Video Analytics Solutions & with Video Surveillance as a Service

Sridhar Singisetty,Co-Founder & Director

Sridhar Singisetty

Co-Founder & Director

The Indian security & surveillance infrastructure is flawed towards extremities and even if there exists a perfectly working setup; it is not at all being used effectively. For instance, in any series of unfortunate events, the law enforcement comes into the picture only when the situation has taken a to psy-turvy course. This is the surreal scene one witnesses on an everyday basis. If we carefully analyse the blemishes, it leads us either to expensive security and safety equipment or inadequate knowledge on the awareness of the subject.

One start-up that is changing the perspective of people in the industry is City Surveillance Services (CSS). Offering Video Surveillance as a Service, the company is on a mission to educate and provide solutions that prevent crimes and saves lives. CSS has taken extreme measures to provide cost-effective video analytics solutions in real-time that nits the gap in the surveillance and security industry. Sridhar Singisetty, Co-Founder &Director – Technical, CSS, speaks,“Our services are technology agnostics. Our budget friendly solutions break the stereo type that exists in the industry, where we provide end-to-end subscription based services to our clients, which includes right from planning, installation, execution and maintenance of the product, where by ensuring safety and security at every stage.”

Established in 2016, CSS’s innovative reforms involves customized solutions that encompasses the service delivery close to perfection. In any situation, be it intruder breaking into the house, burglary, public loitering,fire, hit and run, breaking traffic rules, theft and tampering of the security cameras among other crimes, the company’s real-time data monitoring systems sends an alert to the admin officers to take immediate action and prevent crime before happening, the same law enforcement agents also. Their integration of high-definition, fire-detection, and thermal cameras and sensors onto the system ensures high quality data at all times. Their state-of-the-art video analytics solutions enables the access of the data on real-time from any where in the world, which are compatible with any devices.

Transforming the Security & Surveillance Landscape
In the span of one year, the company has attained impeccable results. With the government making the safety and security mandatory, it has
fired the business &policy to a whole new level. Today, raise in awareness among people has grown to an extent where it has become a necessity for people to safeguard their valuable assets.

CSS has expanded its presence across domains, where they provide services to clients in residential apartments, complexes, schools, universities, SMEs, residential colonies and departmental stores amongst others

Cutting corners, CSS has expanded its presence across domains, where they provide services to clients in residential apartments, complexes, schools, universities, SMEs, residential colonies and departmental stores amongst others. Raghavendra Hegde, Co-Founder & Director – Engineering, CSS, emphasizing on the services and solutions says “Our managed services is quite unique, where we help everyone to leverage on our cutting-edge technology solutions. The architecture of our security systems is such that we offer comprehensive solutions to all our clients, irrespective of segments.”

Omnipresent in the Security & Surveillance Space
CSS having its presence in Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad, in the years to come will have pan India presence. Also, the company has been involved in spreading the awareness of their service and will be playing a prominent role in providing state-of-the-art solutions in Smart City projects. Emphasizing on taking CSS to a whole new level, Govind Prakash, Founder & Director – Sales, CSS concludes“Apart from giving products and services that offers video analytics solutions. We are providing the maintenance and operation services to our clients. This overall eliminates any competition in the market. In addition to this, we are giving our clients the zero investment models, where clients don’t have to pay for the installation of the Surveillance systems; instead, they can pay for the service based on the monthly subscription. This could be a game changer, and by 2020, we will be the single largest solution providers in the VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service) space.”

Ensuring Students Safety at International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bangalore Campus
In the recent years, students going under depression and suicide rates have only been on the rise. IIIT, Bangalore taking extreme measures to put an end to this and ensuring its student's safety inside the campus, approached CSS to install their start-of-the-art surveillance systems in and around the campus area. CSS with its dedicated team of qualified engineers and effective
manpower immediately inspected the entire vicinity to install the cameras, which included hostel terrace, canteen, corridors, and other potential places where the authority has a clear access to monitor student’s activities.

Within one month, CSS installed several high-definition cameras (face-detection, thermal-imagining, night-vision etc.), depending on the requirement of the place. Today, in case of any suspicious activities, tampering of the cameras, trespassing to restricted areas, CSS’s technology platform immediately sends an alert to the security or admin officers whereby the authorities can take immediate action. “We create solutions to help save a life, and it has always been our prime motive from the start. With our video analytics solutions, we deliver product that suits everyone’s requirement,”avers Sridhar

Key Management:
Sridhar Singisetty, Co-Founder & Director – Technical, CSS
Sridhar has 18+ years of robust experience in the IT, engineering and consulting, project management, and software development. Prior co-founding CSS, he has held several leadership roles across industries, including Cisco, Nokia Siemens, Motorola and Mind Tree. With a strong leadership and technical ability, Sridhar envisions taking the Security/Surveillance Industry to a whole new level.

Govind Prakash, Founder & Director - Sales

Govind Prakash, Founder & Director – Sales, CSS
Govind has been in the security and surveillance industry for more than two decades. He has worked in Telecom & IT Industry. Before co-founding CSS, he was the Head of Telematics in HCL Infosystems Ltd and Arya Omni talk Wireless Solutions, A JV of Arvind Limited & JM BAXI Group. Also, he has extensive sales experience in Telematics and home land security. His strong presence and business management skills has helped CSS create a strong brand presence in the surveillance industry.

Raghavendra Hegde, Co-Founder & Director – Engineering, CSS
An IIMB alumnus brings 18+ years of experience in software product life cycle and is specialized in marketing strategy, pre-sale and consulting. He has worked with various domains like telecom, banking, finance and mobile applications. Raghavendra has served several technical and leadership position in big organizations like Peral Labs Ltd., Motorola, Intel, and Info solutions.