CITYFURNISH: One-Stop-Solution for Furniture and Furnishings Rental in India

Neerav Jain,Co-Founder

Neerav Jain


When an individual completely moves to live in any other city for his personal or professional reasons, the major thing that bothers them is shifting the existing furniture or buying a new set of furniture. The traditional system that is being carried furniture in our country is to own furniture but with the changing lifestyles, the new trend that is impressively taking over the industry is renting the furniture! By the year 2024, the rental furniture sector is expected to reach around 800-850$ million. Putting in all the efforts to cash on the opportunity and build a whole new segment in the market, Saurabh Gupta, Neerav Jain and Vinit Jain joined hands to establish CITYFURNISH.

Established in 2015, CITYFURNISH is a key player in standard and sustainable rental with a major market in Home furniture. One stop shop for quality furniture, the firm provides furniture and furnishing range like bed, sofa, dining table and many more including electric items. Neerav Jain, Co-Founder says, "I have come from a family that holds strong background in dealing with furniture for around 20 to 25 years. Owing to this, I hold strong knowledge and awareness about the furniture industry. In India, about 65 percent of the apartments or houses are either semi-furnished or unfurnished. Also, I ended up in an unfurnished apartment during my college days in Delhi and with no alternative ways to buy any furniture for the time being, I decided to bridge this gap and this is what eventually led to the establishment of CITYFURNISH."

The major challenge the rental furniture industry faces is awareness among the people. The general system about the furniture is to either move in with old furniture or own new furniture, the individuals are not completely aware of the premium services of renting furniture according to their requirements. Though the urban public is conscious about the concept of renting
furniture, they still believe that this might cost them high and have to compromise with the quality and service by subscribing to the rental furniture. Elucidating about this, Saurabh Gupta, Co-Founder asserts, "Much of the population is still not completely aware of the notion of renting furniture. Through CITYFURNISH we are trying to change this misconception and provide high-quality furniture and furnishing products to our subscribers so that they can keep trust in our brand."

CITYFURNISH provides various plans to their customers enabling them to rent the furniture for a time period and then allowing them to upgrade it with trending designs. The company has a complete in-house set up from designing, manufacturing, delivering the furniture to installing them according to the customer's requirements. Another factor that makes CITYFURNISH so popular is their products, since the same quality of furniture in the market is very expensive. The furniture offered by CITYFURNISH will last for years, as the firm uses one of the most expensive woods in India. Adding to this, the company is customer-centric which provides a very good mixture of products, all these factors have made CITYFURNISH extremely popular in such a short period.

Saurav Gupta

Vinit Jain, Co-Founder adds, "The two major reasons that place CITYFURNISH a notch above other competitors are - its value-driven pricing and the other being its control on all the operations from manufacturing to installing".

Vinit Jain, Co-Founder

CITYFURNISH started functioning initially in Delhi NCR and currently, they are present in six major cities in the country. A name which was setup by three people has now grown to a strong team of 190 employees, and in terms of subscription, CITYFURNSIH has around 15.000 as on date. In the years to come, the company has planned to focus on diversification of the products according to the market requirement and also wants to launch new package offerings.