CityXfer: Simplifying Large Good Logistics

Kumar Gaurav   ,CEO & Founder
Team CityXfer

Bangalore based CityXfer is revolutionizing the entire logistics system through its sustainable, reliable and efficient freight mobility solutions. Known to simplify logistics experience, the company provides end to end logistics services such as manpower, transportation, customer support and a technology-enabled orchestration layer that coordinates all these moving parts to build reliability, efficiency and transparency into the stack. The components are packaged into a service that can be integrated with existing business operations through APIs, excel uploads, or even OCR integrations. “Our technology enables our supply to decouple human skills from efficient execution. Also given a delivery oriented model, we ensure we are able to multiplex bandwidth across our customers, thereby creating reliability at the level of our combined bandwidth rather than at individual vehicles,” speaks Kumar Gaurav, CEO.

During the initial six months of its functioning, team CityXfer heavily spent on experimentations after which gradually they began
converging on their offerings and the target segment. “Our products and operations have matured to an extent where we are executing 300+ shipments per day in 3 cities with a core Ops team of 7 people. Even with our present capacities, we still have a fairly substantial bandwidth to take this volume upwards. In the month of April 2018, we turned net profitable on a MoM basis and trend has sustained since,”informs Gaurav.

"Team CityXfer, with it's low-cost logistics offering driven by part-load service model, creating a new paradigm of intracity execution where all the elements that cause unreliability in the stack are being individually solved."

Since its inception in 2015,CityXfer has come a long way.“From me being the first delivery team member, today, we have a field team of 75+ members. The company is operational in three cities and till date has executed more than 150,000 shipments and at present clocks at 300+ shipments on a daily basis. CityXfer has worked with about 200 customers across 3 cities over the last 3 years,and the learnings have been immense. “We have worked with online brands like Flipkart, Urban Ladder, Zefo, Wakefit, Sunday rest and other reputed offline retailers like Royal Oak, Evok and CCD,”Gaurav mentions.

Benefitting the Logistics Ecosystem
Understanding the importance of simplifying large good logistics and
coordination required between all the players in a logistics setup, CityXfer with its point to point model is able to do same day deliveries at lower costs, with lower damage percentages. Throwing light on, Gaurav says,“We are creating a new paradigm of intracity execution where all the elements that cause unreliability in the stack are being individually solved. This holistic view of the execution, that is not a standalone piece of technology, is critical to solve the intra city execution. We have had customers and prospects who have been very keen on purchasing the software as a service. The stack is already multi-tenanted, cloud based. While we haven’t looked at the segment so far but, we may consider pursuing it”.

With a fantastic set of people who are committed to the vision, CityXfer intends to maximize convergence of technical planning blueprints and operational executions. “Our technical algorithms suggest scope for further margins and we intend to maximize them operationally in the coming quarters,” he avers.

To carve a niche in the space, the team is all geared up in building the end-to-end logistics as a service which solves reliability and efficiency in the system which is the key for both online and offline businesses growth in large goods segment. “We believe, we would be an integral part of a large-goods commerce success story in the country,” he concludes.