Clarity Communication: Proactive Agency Offering Realistic Pr Solutions

Sowmya Iyer,Founder & CEO

Sowmya Iyer

Founder & CEO

There was a time when PR services mainly meant press releases. But now, there are many new gamuts like influencer marketing and image management in the picture. Amidst all the chaos in the PR industry to chase numbers and crack open new paths for traction is Sowmya Iyer's Clarity Communication. They promise what is feasible and stay true to their words. For this new-age, pan-Indian PR agency, clarity in promises and honesty in communication is of paramount importance.

According to Sowmya, the reason she decided to come up with Clarity communication is the many gaps she identified in the industry, in terms of what is being promised and what is being delivered. Clarity Communication dedicated to providing the best experience possible. From increasing the business footprints, new product launch, establishing the organization as a niche player or creating the leadership among the target audience, the team at Clarity Communication mixes and matches its media platforms and non-media oriented efforts of public relations to achieve desired and sustainable results among the competitors.

"If you look at us, we offer the typical PR services. But what makes us different is that we are a very proactive agency and have a more realistic approach. We promise what is feasible and communicate with the client. We ensure we have an honest conversation and set realistic targets so that our clients are more satisfied with the results& she explains. Clarity's endeavor is to build the brand , customize the messages. for each stakeholder & analyze the feedback to remodel the communication process for each client.

Challenges Along the Way
Clarity Communication offers both digital as well as traditional PR ser-vices. But more importantly, they build strategies for the brands that would help them upgrade from one level to another.

Walking us through the challenges they face, Sowmya tells us, "As an outsider, the media is challenging to deal with. From the client's side, many often do not realise PR is a long term process. Lot of clients have a very short term vision about PR services. Only long term PR services will help in brand value, especially with startups. We try to educate clients about this. Clients sometimes also don't understand that the content they provide is important and has to be interesting. If your content is good, the game is yours."

We Ensure We Have An Honest Conversation And Set Realistic Targets So That Our Clients Are More Satisfied With The Results

While Sowmya leads the team and heads business development and the other aspects, the company also has a team of consultants who, the founder emphasises, have been instrumental in the formation and growth of Clarity Communication. They also have a separate content team.

Consistency in Growth
Clarity Communication has been consistently growing since their inception. The pandemic, they admit, was a challenging time, but they built right back from it. In the first five years, the company focused on building clarity as a brand and worked more closely with startups. Most of their clients come from references and recommendations by the ex-clients or other current clients, which speaks enough about their quality of work and commitment.