Clean Fanatic: Assurance of healthy and germ-free homes to everyone!

Nishant Prasad,CEOSurprisingly, 85 percent of common allergies that exist in India are due to the accumulation of dust and allergens on our household items! With increasing levels of pollution, rampant cutting down of trees and inefficient garbage disposal systems, the allergen levels are growing at an alarming rate in cities such as Bangalore. Perceiving this as a serious issue, Clean Fanatic came into being in 2010 with the sole mission of helping households reduce their exposure to dust and allergens, providing a clean environment to stay in. "We delved deeper to find that households in India are as terribly dirty right from usual suspects such as kitchen and bathrooms to stuff such as carpets and sofas.This germ and high allergen environment leads to health complications and is known trigger for respiratory ailments including asthma. With our services, we ensure a lean, dust and allergen free homes to people in Bangalore," speaks Nishant Prasad, CEO.

The company involves themselves with all things that need to be cleaned be it a
house,sofa ,mattress, carpet to bathrooms and kitchen. This is done through a unique three step process and is backed by extensive inhouse training of the crew, inspections and maintenance of their staff at the point of execution. “We have a well-defined process for our cleaning which includes Ultra Violet Treatment, Dust extraction using HEPA filter vacuums and shampoo using 90 percent foam and 10 percent moisture. This process and machinery are the most advanced in the world and our strong clientele is testimony to the fact that the right process and machinery is useful to provide the right level of cleaning,” says Prasad.

Clean Fanatic has a well-defined process for the cleaning which includes Ultra Violet Treatment, Dust extraction using HEPA filter vacuums and shampoo using 90 percent foam and 10 percent moisture

In fact,Clean Fanatic is touted to be the only company to have strived to establish a well-defined three step process and use state of-the-art-machinery. This is way more effective than regular vacuums used by most cleaning agencies in the country.On the tech front, the company is implementing a supply side app where in the crew members use this to report
arrival,work orders and invoicing. This streamlines the entire customer experience and hopefully it would be seamless in the future.

Highest Quality Cleaning with latest Equipments
With a razor focus on ensuring high quality, team Clean Fanatic leave no stone unturned to achieve results through right process,machinery, technology and training. “The aggregators have been in the market for some time now but we have doubts on their sustainability as they are outsourcing the work. Customers are more bothered about the quality of work rather than have outsourced guys come and execute without right chemicals,machinery and training,” he informs. “We have over 300+ reviews in Facebook and Google and a testimony to the service we provided”, he adds.

No doubt, the company has been growing steadily and are currently in active discussions with a few investors. They have proudly bootstrapped into profitable operations and any further investments would be used to spur hyper growth. Narrating the future strategies, Prasad says, "We have a very high credibility on the house cleaning front and we will look forward to expanding it further.This sector is still nascent in India and we are looking at all emerging opportunities as the market matures. Globally this is well established and we are surely looking to fit into the emerging needs of India."